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Bomb Threat

Threats are usually received by telephone, but may also be received by note, letter, e-mail, text, other social media or suspicious package.

If you receive a bomb threat:

  • Keep the person talking as long as possible (pretend to have difficulty hearing).
  • Get as much information as possible:
    • Where is the bomb?
    • When is it set to go off?
    • What type of bomb is it?
    • What does it look like?
    • Why has it been planted?
    • Who planted it?
    • What will make it explode?

Keep the telephone line open. Do not hang up. Use another phone to call Campus Safety at 573.592.4357 or 9-911

All threats should be taken very seriously and handled as if a device was present in the specific location mentioned by the person reporting the threat. Under no circumstances should any threat be ignored. It is very important that all threats be reported immediately to Campus Safety.

Upon receipt of a bomb threat:

  • Campus Safety (or designated staff) will respond to the reported location and initiate the evacuation of the building through the use of the building public address system or any other means necessary.
  • All campus personnel will maintain radio silence. All portable radios, cellular telephones, cordless telephones, or any device that transmits a radio frequency pulse in the building should immediately be turned off, as they may cause explosive devices to detonate prematurely.
  • Land-line telephones and intercoms should be used as alternative communications methods during a bomb incident.
  • The following announcement will be made using the building public address system and repeated to ensure that it was received:
    • Your attention please. This is Campus Safety. Please exit the building immediately. This is not a drill. All personnel (and students) are instructed to immediately exit the building until further notice. Turn off all cell phones and wireless devices until otherwise instructed. Stand at least 300 feet from the building. This is not a drill. Thank you.
  • The Emergency Notification System will not be used for this type of event.
  • Campus Safety, facilities personnel and some building occupants will conduct a search of the facilities.