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Prevention Programs

Security personnel provide safety information to the campus and work with the Fulton Police Department to provide safety programs to students.

The focus of this educational programming effort is to increase awareness of safety issues and to provide students and employees with information about campus security procedures. Members of the campus community are encouraged to make safety a priority for themselves and the university.

Student Orientation

New students receive security/safety information during orientation sessions and are encouraged to report safety concerns, emergencies, and/or crimes to the safety office.

Education Programs

The Student Life staff, other university staff, and student organizations sponsor educational programs dealing with issues such as sexual assault including rape and acquaintance rape, alcohol awareness, substance abuse, etc. Topics are addressed through a variety of measures including campus flyers and promotional materials, speakers, videos, curriculum infusion, etc.

Residence Halls

Hall meetings are held to address hall safety procedures and security issues identified by the community life staff.