What To Wear

Service Spotlight Event

This is a casual setting but you want to make a good first impression. You will be visiting all four chapter houses, so be sure to wear comfortable shoes. Jeans and shorts are both acceptable. Work out attire or similar attire or formal attire/ heels are not recommended.

 Service Spotlight 1  Service Spotlight 2

Skit/Theme Event

You will want to dress a little nicer for this event. Dressy shorts, a nicer skirt, or a casual sundress are recommended for this event. We suggest nice sandals or flats that are still comfortable as you could be attending up to three chapters. Jeans are not recommended.

skit night 1 skit night 2

Preference Event

This is the most formal event. A cocktail dress, nice sundress, nice skirt or slacks are recommended. This would be the night to wear heels as you will only be visiting one or two chapters. Jeans or formal (prom type) dresses are not appropriate for this event.

pref night 1 pref night 2

Bid Day

This morning you will be putting on a t-shirt from your new chapter so wearing a tank top or such that a t-shirt can easily go over is recommended. In addition you can wear jeans or shorts and tennis shoes or any kind of sandal.