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LEAD Policies

  • Students must have their Student ID/LEAD card with them in order to receive credit for attending LEAD events. Students must get their ID/LEAD card scanned at LEAD events in order to receive LEAD credit for the event. Some events require that students sign in and/or out and students must also have their ID/LEAD card with them in order to receive LEAD credit for these events.
  • Residential students must earn at least 20 points by the end of the fall semester; Commuter students must earn 12 points by the end of the fall semester.
  • Residential students must earn 45 points each academic year (23 points if they start in January); Commuter students must earn 28 points each academic year (16 if they start in January).
  • Students must earn at least 4 points in each of the required months (September, October, November, February, March, April).
  • Students are allowed one required month per academic year in which they can earn fewer than 4 points (warning month). Students are encouraged to save this warning month in the event it is needed for illness, unexpected circumstances, family emergencies, etc. Students who have a second required month with fewer than 4 points will lose the award starting with the next academic semester.
  • Students may only receive 8 LEAD points per academic year for attendance at athletic events.
  • Students are responsible for checking their LEAD points online. Any problems with a student's LEAD record must be reported within 5 days of the end of the month in which the problem occurs; however, it is best to report problems within 48 hours of the event.
  • Students may appeal the loss of their LEAD award by submitting it in writing to the Dean of Student Life for submission to the LEAD Committee.
  • Students are expected to act appropriately during LEAD events--arrive on time, be appropriately dressed, pay attention during the presentation, turn off cell phones and other electronic devices, etc. Students who fail to behave appropriately will be asked to leave, will forfeit those LEAD points, and risk additional sanctions. Additional disruptive behavior will put a student's award in jeopardy.
  • Cell phones must be turned off and not just on silent. Text messaging is disruptive to others.
  • Students are expected to earn their points honestly. Dishonesty in accumulating LEAD points will result in the loss of the LEAD Award; however, these students may participate in LEAD reinstatement.
  • Students may not earn LEAD credit for attending events which are required for class, a scholarship, or campus employment - students cannot receive any other form of incentive for participation.
  • LEAD students in good standing may complete a senior waiver for the semester during which they will graduate (December graduates may submit the waiver for the fall semester and May graduates may submit the waiver for the spring semester). By accepting the senior final semester waiver, the students acknowledge that: (1) They are in good standing and eligible to receive the LEAD award during the senior waiver semester; (2) They will not be required to obtain LEAD points during the senior waiver semester; (3) That the senior waiver semester will be the last semester they will receive the LEAD award; and (4) They will no longer be eligible for the LEAD award at any time in the future.

LEAD Senior Waiver

LEAD Reinstatement Policy

LEAD Reinstatement Agreement

Students who fail to meet LEAD requirements have the opportunity to reinstate their award. To do so, they must:

  • Complete the following requirements during the semester in which they intend to reinstate the award:
    • 25 points for residential students (4 point monthly minimum; no warning month)
    • 17 points for commuter students (4 point monthly minimum; no warning month)
    NOTE: students will not receive the monetary incentive during this semester but must meet all requirements.
  • Earn their LEAD points as if they were receiving the award (e.g. get ID/LEAD card scanned at events, track their points online, etc.).
  • Complete the LEAD Reinstatement Agreement; go to the Office of Student Life and indicate their intention to participate in LEAD Reinstatement; and/or, when all requirements have been met, go to the Office of Student Life and request that their award be reinstated.
  • Notification of participation in and successful completion of LEAD Reinstatement must be made prior to the start of the next semester.
  • Once all LEAD Reinstatement requirements have been met, students will be eligible for the LEAD award for all subsequent semesters in which they meet the requirements.

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