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Lead Award

The LEAD Program is intended to enrich the educational experience of students by encouraging active student participation and contributory involvement in university life beyond the classroom.

New full-time students admitted to William Woods University are eligible to take part in the LEAD (Leading, Educating, Achieving, Developing) Program, which offers an award of $5,000 for residential student and $2,500 for commuter students per year.

LEAD Requirements

Students who accept the LEAD award choose to become a part of the LEAD Program and commit themselves to participating, over the course of the academic year, in activities designated as LEAD-eligible activities. These activities may include lectures, films, concerts, intercollegiate athletic events, plays, art exhibits, student organizations, and other events.

The initial LEAD award is granted to a student after formal acceptance to the university, the student's acceptance of a financial aid package, and the student's commitment to participate in LEAD activities during the year.

Eligibility for continuation of the LEAD award in subsequent semesters of enrollment is contingent upon satisfying the prior semester's commitment. In other words, for a LEAD student to be eligible for the financial benefit associated with the LEAD Program for an upcoming semester, the student will have had to participate in a pre-determined number and type of LEAD activities during the previous semester.

For more information, please call 1.800.995.3159; 573.592.4239 or email