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Undergraduate Student Experience

“Wow, this school can do that?”

That’s a common reaction to the surprising variety of experiences people find at William Woods, inside and outside the classroom. Sequencing DNA. Teaching reading on a Lakota Indian reservation. Grooming a champion jumper. Traveling to South America for a service learning project. Or learning to communicate with the Deaf in American Sign Language. 

Yes, this school can do that. And so much more. 

We are a small community that packs a surprising amount of richness into a four-year education: sports, Greek life, concerts, culture, and, of course, academics. Whatever your passion, when you land on our leafy, pastoral campus in the heart of Missouri, you’ll find a common thread: The genuine and heartfelt commitment of a caring academic community. Expect to discover who you are and who you want to be … and to find committed mentors who will show you the way. William Woods University will amaze you, challenge you, coach you, befriend you, and walk along side you as reach your goals … and flourish for years to come.

Expand your soul.

Few universities offer a program like our LEAD award, a $5,000 grant that you earn by expanding your worldview with new experiences. Attend lectures, international films and concerts. Cheer for the Owls at a baseball or softball game. Enjoy a French play or an art show. Join a student organization. It all adds up to a significant amount of financial aid … and a more interesting, intelligent and well-rounded you.

Get a head start.

You can get a jump on your freshman year by enrolling in our three-week Freshman Advantage program, held each summer. You can bond with your fellow freshmen, meet upper class students, get to know the campus, perhaps experience Greek life, and earn some academic credits too.

Learn by doing.

There’s a long tradition of education through action at William Woods. Internships and collaborative research opportunities abound. Our unique Mentor-Mentee (“M&M”) program is a year-long research project in collaboration with a faculty Mentor. The outcome could be a presentation, a class you teach, or a research paper published in an academic journal. Or it may be an original work of art, showcased in our own Kemper Arts Center. Just as important as the work itself is the bond you develop with your Mentor and the personal/professional growth you experience in the process.

Find a challenge.

It may be joining the William Woods University Honors program and sharing your love of learning with like-minded classmates. It may be our accelerated “MBA in 5” program, that gives you a jump on your business career, or riding an experienced jumper at a national equestrian show. 

Or it may be something completely new and different, like a semester of study in a foreign country. Few things will grow your perspective on the world better than actually getting out and seeing some of it. Woods Around the World, our active Study Abroad program, has sent students all over the world to learn, grow, serve and gain a new understanding of history, culture, geography and world affairs. 

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