How to Start a New Student Organization

Have you ever wanted to start a new student organization focused around one of your favorite hobbies or area of interest? Then this is the place to make it happen! The possibilities are endless as to the kind of organization you could start, whether it relates to politics, faith, hobbies, or academics. You possess the power to make it happen just by following the few steps and tips below. Before you do that though, refer to page 24 of the Student Handbook, which gives an overview of starting a campus organization.

1. Find a William Woods faculty or staff member who agrees to sponsor your organization.

2.Thoroughly review the following packet of information along with your advisor. This is a tool that will assist you when filing subsequent paperwork:

Student Organization Information Packet

3.Complete the following document and submit to the Greek Life and Student Involvement Office (Claire Wiegand, located in the Burton Building):

Student Organization Interest Request form

Note: Be conscious of when the next Student Assembly meeting is. You may be completing the paperwork now, but Student Assembly may not be meeting for several more weeks! E-mail Dean of Students, Venita Mitchell, for times and dates of the next meeting.

4. The interest request form, along with your Consititution, roster, and mission statement will be submitted to Student Assembly for review. Upon their vote, you will be informed of whether your request to be a recognized student organization was accepted or declined.

5. If approved, you are now eligible, among other things, to solicit funds from the Student Finance Committee; details are listed below.

6. If declined, you will be instructed further of what changes need to be made in order to gain approval.

7. Refer to the William Woods University Student Handbook regarding other pertinent information for recognized student organizations, such as (this is only a couple of examples):

Fundraising/Solicitation (pg. 16) : Recognized organizations or special interest groups are provided an opportunity to solicit funds directly from the Student Finance Committee. In addition, applications for campus fund-raising projects must be submitted to the Student Finance Committee for approval. The application should include a description of the project, proposed schedule, and target audience. Any club, organization, or individual student wanting to solicit cash or donations of any kind from external businesses, organizations, alumni, parents or individuals must have prior approval from the University Advancement Office. The University must be notified in advance to control fund-raising activities so they do not conflict with other University or student organization development activities. Appropriate paperwork can be obtained from the Office of Greek Life and Student Involvement.

Posting Flyers (pg.20) : Flyers, posters, and other promotional materials can be displayed on designated bulletin boards. Materials may not be displayed on doors, windows, walls, etc. These items will be removed. All flyers should have the following information: a contact person/sponsoring organization, date, time, and name of the event/object being advertised. Flyers must be removed when the advertised dates have passed.

8. If you have any other questions, please contact Claire Wiegand