Residential Requirements

William Woods University is a residential university that fosters personal development through a variety of co-curricular learning opportunities. Full-time residents, therefore, are required to reside in one of the campus residence halls unless they meet the requirements for non-resident status or their housing agreement has been terminated by the university. 

Residents requesting a change of status must complete the appropriate form online which is submitted to

the Dean of Student Life for approval. Residents must meet one of five categories to qualify

for non-resident status:

  1. Residents who reside with parents or guardians and live within a 60-mile radius of the campus.

  2. Residents who are 23 years of age on the first day of semester classes.

  3. Residents who are married or have children.

  4. Residents who are fifth-year seniors and have 90 credit hours.

  5. In addition to the above, twenty (20) applications for non-resident status will be approved each academic year. Priority will be given to students with 90+ credit hours completed by the end of the current academic year. In cases where more than 20 applications are submitted, positions will be granted based upon length of enrollment at WWU and total credit hours earned.   If less than 20 applications are received from students with 90 or more credit hours then applications will be made available to students with at least 60 credit hours. Applicants must not be a member of a fraternity/sorority.