Fraternity and Sorority Halls

Atkinson Hall

Atkinson Hall is named for J. Harry Atkinson, a long-standing secretary for the board of trustees, and his father, C.O. Atkinson, who held the position before him. The women of the Chi Omega sorority make their home in Atkinson Hall.

Booth Hall

Today, there are 35 men of the Pi Kappa Alpha fraternity make Booth Hall their home. Booth Hall gets its namesake from Miss Fannie Willis Booth, who was synonymous with William Woods for the first 50 years of its history. Miss Booth was a protege of Dr. and Mrs. William S. Woods. She is largely thought to be a reason for their interest in college affairs. Miss Booth was extremely visible on campus and held a large variety of offices during her time at William Woods. She was so popular that for many years, a formal birthday dinner party was held in Tucker Dining Hall and attended by all the students.


Brockman Hall was named after Lucille Brockman Lambert, a 1933 alumna of William Woods, in 2003. Prior to the renaming, this building was known as Centennial Hall in honor of the first 100 years of William Woods University. Today, up to 71 women of the Alpha Phi sorority call Brockman Hall their home.

Cockrell Hall

Cockrell takes its name from Dr. E.R. Cockrell, president of William Woods from 1924 to 1934, who brought the college successfully through the Great Depression. The original Cockrell Hall, a house on Nichols Street, was enlarged to a dormitory in the early '60's under pressure to accomodate an ever-growing student body. Finally, a new Cockrell Hall was built in 1965, a boom year for construction on campus. Cockrell now houses up to 28 men from the Phi Gamma Delta fraternity.

Harmon Hall

Today, Harmon Hall is home to up to 37 women of the Delta Gamma sorority. Harmon Hall takes its name from Dr. Henry Gadd Harmon, president of William Woods from 1934 to 1941.

Lambert Hall

Lambert Hall was named in honor of Bruce and Lucille Lambert, generous benefactors, in 2003. Prior to that time, this hall was named Camden Point, which refers to the university's 1848 origin as The Female Academy of Camden Point in Camden Point, MO. Today, Lambert Hall is home to the members of the Alpha Chi Omega sorority.