Early Arrivals Approval

Throughout the year requests are received from students and/or their families to move into University housing prior to the published check-in date. For various reasons, it is necessary that only essential students be permitted to arrive early on campus. These reasons may include, but are not limited to:

  • Physical Plant staff needs adequate time to prepare residence halls.
  • Residential Life Staff needs time to prepare for student arrival (training and building preparation).
  • The week of Orientation is reserved for new student on-campus acclimation/fraternity and sorority recruitment without the distractions from returning students

Information regarding students participating in fall sports is coordinated through Athletics. If students are not working on campus or participating in a fall sport, but feel they have a significant reason to return to campus early, they should e-mail the Office of Residential Life by August 1st. Only very unusual requests with significant justification will be granted, and a charge of $75.00 per night will apply. Students and families should make their plans according to the published dates, as early arrival status will not be granted solely on the basis of convenience.