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Student Representation

Develop strong leadership skills, show your school pride and become a part of the team that makes William Woods University such an incredible place for students, faculty and visitors. Join any of the following clubs or committees and have an impact on the decisions and direction of the university.

Campus Activities Board (CAB)

The Campus Activities Board (CAB) is the official programming board for William Woods University, providing diverse events for the student body and Fulton community throughout the year. CAB enables students to promote, plan, and implement campus-wide activities at William Woods and is responsible for bringing comedians, hypnotists, and speakers to campus. CAB also organizes on- and off-campus social events for the William Woods student body.

Contact: Lissy Wedell
Advisor: Shannon Garcia

President's Twenty

President's Twenty is a collegiate honorary service society whose members serve as official ambassadors of William Woods University. They also assist President Jahnae H. Barnett at university events, serve as the official honor and color guard at all university convocations, commencements and many other activities. As members, they act as liaisons between the university president and the student body, providing an avenue of communication for each.

Contact: Ashley Bauer/Preston Wolfe
Advisor: President Jahnae H. Barnett and Kendra E. G. Shindler

Student Alumni Council

The purpose of this council is to be responsible for the development of healthy student/alumni relations, including the following:

  • Presenting a base for interaction between students and alumni
  • Promoting awareness of lifestyles, thought, careers, and experiences of alumni and students
  • Easing the transition from student to alumnus
  • Assisting with the orientation of new students
  • Promoting class spirit and unity
  • Raising the awareness of William Woods University to the Fulton community

Contact: Rachel Ostrem
Advisor: Becky Stinson

Student Assembly

The Student Assembly serves as the voice of students at William Woods University. A student-run body in which all students have full membership, the assembly's purpose is to provide an open forum where students may voice concerns, share ideas and form linkages within the campus community. The Student Assembly is designed to increase effective communication among students and the rest of the university.

Contact: Hannah Mansell/Alyssa McManus
Advisor: Venita Mitchell