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Leadership/Social Organizations

The university's mission is one of lifelong education and a commitment to the world community. To that end, an emphasis on service and leadership opportunities intended to develop life skills are evident. Students are given an opportunity to practice and improve their leadership skills while also service the campus and Fulton communities through service opportunities.

Campus Activities Board - CAB

CAB is the official programming board for William Woods University, providing diverse events throughout the year. CAB enables students to promote, plan, and implement campus wide activities at William Woods and is responsible for bringing comedians, hypnotists, and speakers to campus. CAB also organizes on and off campus social events for the William Woods student body.

Advisor: Alyssa McManus

Campus Crusade for Christ

Cru is a student-led interdenominational group for students who want to learn more about Jesus and grow in their faith. Our weekly meetings consist of worship, prayer, a speaker, time for fellowship and games after for those who are so inclined. Cru is open to students from both William Woods and Westminster.

Advisor: Travis Tamerius

Conservation Club

The William Woods University Conservation Club is here to raise awareness about current conservation issues, encourage students to take action and promote community service. The purpose of this club is to allow our members to work alongside the community and build relationships with WWU faculty and staff.

Advisor: Robin Hirsch-Jacobson

Forensics Team

WWU Forensics Team is a speech and debate team that competes in different individual speaking events as well as Parliamentary debate. They offer students from any major at WWU the opportunity to compete in intercollegiate speech/debate tournaments across the Midwest.

Advisor: Anthony Cavaiani

Health Occupations Students of America (HOSA)

The mission of HOSA is to enhance the delivery of compassionate, quality health care by providing opportunities for knowledge, skill building, and leadership development of all health science education students, helping them meet the needs of the health care community.

Advisor: Robin Hirsch-Jacobson

President's Twenty

President's Twenty

President's Twenty is a collegiate honorary service society whose members serve as official ambassadors of William Woods University. They also assist President Jahnae H. Barnett at university events, serve as the official honor and color guard at all university convocations, commencements and many other activities.

Advisor: President Jahnae H. Barnett

Queers and Allies

Description: The mission of WWU Queers and Allies seeks to foster respect of all individuals through the understanding of social misconceptions. They work together to have active, stimulating, and supplemented conversations about current social issues surrounding the LGBTQ community. This organization also serves as a safe space environment.

Advisor: Cyndi Koonse

Rotaract Club

The purpose of Rotaract is to provide an opportunity for young men and women to enhance the knowledge and skills that will assist them in personal development, to address the physical and social needs of their communities, and to promote better relations between all people worldwide through a framework of friendship and service.

Advisors: Mary Ann Beahon

Student Alumni Council

The purpose of this council is to be responsible for the development of healthy student/alumni relations including the following: Presenting a base for interaction between students and alumni. Promoting awareness of lifestyles, thought, careers, and experiences of alumni and students. Easing the transition from student to alumnus. Assisting with the orientation of new students. Promoting class spirit and unity. Raising the awareness of William Woods University to the Fulton community.

Advisor: Becky Stinson

Student Assembly

The Student Assembly serves as the voice of students at William Woods University. A student-run body in which all students have full membership, the assembly's purpose is to provide an open forum where students may voice concerns, share ideas and form linkages within the campus community. The Student Assembly is designed to increase effective communication among students and the rest of the University.

Advisor: Venita Mitchell

Students Today Alumni Tomorrow

The purpose of Students Today Alumni Tomorrow is to enhance the William Woods University student experience by strengthening traditions and building loyalty to The Woods.

Advisor: Becky Stinson

WestWoods Quidditch

The purpose of WestWoods Quidditch is to play Muggle Quidditch as defined by the International Quidditch Association. This team aims to build a culture of creativity, connect with others, and foster a unique community by playing a different sport which encourages as well as teaches good sportsmanship, provides good opportunities for student involvement and leadership on campus. This group plays against other teams, holding scrimmages, and attends competitions.

Advisor: Travis Tamerius

William Woods University Speedball Club

The mission of the William Woods University Speedball Club is to provide a sociable and stress-free activity in which club members can enjoy and unwind from their weekly duties. Our vision is to create lasting memories with friends, while participating in an activity that is both fun and enjoyable for all members.

Advisor: Cindy Robb

WWU Owls Dance Team

The William Woods dance team is a student run sports club, in which their overall purpose is to provide spirit and entertainment for the University community. The dance team is performance-based, consisting of members who are of great academic standing and dedicated to their passion of dance. Performances include basketball games, and a multitude of campus events, including talent shows, LEAD events, pep rallies, and dance-a-thon. The dance team holds 2-3 weekly practices, and performances integrate jazz, hip-hop, kick, and traditional pom moves. The WWU Owl Dance Team is dedicated to enhancing overall school spirit. Catch their performances at events throughout the year!

Advisor: Kylie Hirth