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Sorority Recruitment

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($25 Registration Fee)

Thursday, August 17 - Sunday, August 20, 2017

Panhellenic Recruitment is a mutual selection process where a potential member has the opportunity to meet with chapter members, ask a variety of questions, and tour the chapter houses.

Recruitment is a fun-filled week of socials, during which sororities share their sisterhood with potential new members. This week allows you to get a glimpse into the personalities and values of each of the chapters. Just as sororities are looking for the right women to join their chapters, you should be looking for a chapter that fits you. Each sorority has something unique to offer.

On the first day of Recruitment (as well as the house tours on Thursday), you will visit all four chapters so you can get a glimpse of sorority life in general. After you have seen all four chapters, the mutual selection process begins! Just as you are making important decisions about where you fit, the chapter women are making important decisions too about the future members of their sorority. Potential new members are encouraged to ask questions during all events.

Recruitment Counselors, referred to as Pi Chi's, are sorority women, who have chosen to disaffiliate from their sorority during the recruitment period, in order be a trustworthy resource and source of aid while leading women through recruitment. Since their sorority membership is unknown, potential new members should feel comfortable discussing their options and asking candid questions of their Pi Chi's.

Thursday, August 17

8:00am Recruitment Central opens

McNutt Campus Center

Come register for Recruitment! There is a $25 registration fee. Pi Chi's (Recruitment Counselors) will be here all day to help you get signed up and answer questions. You may also see them in the residence halls helping everyone get settled.

2:00pm - 4:45pm Fraternity/Sorority House Tours

Departing from McNutt Campus Center

This opportunity allows parents and students to check out the fraternity and sorority houses as members of the Greek community welcome you to campus. LEAD event.

7:30pm Introduction to Women's Recruitment

Cutlip Auditorium, McNutt Campus Center

Join the Recruitment Team for an informational meeting containing all the in's and out's of sorority recruitment and an opportunity to get to know your Pi Chi's! LEAD event.

Friday, August 18

8:00am Recruitment Central opens

Center for Student Involvement, Burton Building

Last chance to register for recruitment.

3:00pm Recruitment Central closes

**After 3 pm you will no longer be able to sign up for recruitment.

5:45pm Arrive for Sorority Service Event

Cutlip Auditorium, McNutt Campus Center

6:00-10:00pm Sorority Service Event

Departing from McNutt Campus Center

During the first day of Sorority Recruitment, you will meet women from all four Panhellenic sororities. These are events designed to introduce you to the chapter, like a 'meet and greet'. You will spend most of your time meeting and talking with the women to learn how membership can contribute to your WWU experience. Some chapters may include a presentation to provide even more information about their sisterhood. (See the website link for what to wear each day) LEAD event, ***must be registered for Recruitment to attend.

Saturday, August 19

12:30pm Arrive for Sorority Sisterhood Event

Cutlip Auditorium, McNutt Campus Center

Women will meet with their Pi Chi groups for the day and receive their personalized recruitment schedule. Pi Chi's will also make announcements, answer questions and take attendance for the day.

1:00-5:00pm Sorority Sisterhood Event

Departing from Cutlip Auditorium

The Sorority Sisterhood Event is an opportunity for the chapters to show you what their sisterhood is all about and you will see the sorority work together and get a feel for what activities the chapters do to foster their sisterhood throughout the year.

Sunday, August 20

8:30am Arrive for Sorority Preference Event

Main lobby, Burton Building

Women will meet with their Pi Chi groups for the day and receive their personalized recruitment schedule. Pi Chi's will also make announcements, answer questions and take attendance for the day.

9:00am Sorority Preference Event

Departing from Burton Building

The final event of Recruitment focuses on the deepest aspects of sorority life, including sisterhood, friendship, values and ritual. Formal events introduce you to the most serious and traditional side of sorority life and allow chapters to share a special piece of their organization with you. This is your last chance to interact with chapter members.

4:45pm Arrive for Sorority Bid Night

Cutlip Auditorium, McNutt Campus Center

5:00pm Sorority Bid Night

Cutlip Auditorium, McNutt Campus Center

Bid Night is the end of formal Recruitment! On this evening, you will receive your invitation to join a sorority (also known as a bid). The chapter affiliation of your Pi Chi's will be revealed at this time. This evening is the exciting beginning of your life as a sorority woman at WWU, and an experience that will continue throughout your lifetime.

What to expect of Recruitment?

  1. Expect to be nervous and stressed. It's natural to have butterflies in your stomach when you meet the chapters, but it will get easier as the days progress. And remember, the sisters are just as nervous as you! They also feel a lot of pressure to find new sisters for their chapter. Just relax and smile, and recruitment will breeze by.
  2. Expect to meet a lot of new people! One of the best parts of recruitment is all the new people you meet, both peers and upperclass women. You may find your new best friend right in your recruitment group. At any rate, your're guaranteed to end recruitment with a whole bunch of new friends.
  3. Expect to be asked questions. Recruitment relies a lot on conversation and interaction to help you meet the sisters and for them to meet you. They want to know more about you, so don't be surprised if they ask you questions. At the same time, we encourage you to ask your own questions of them. You're trying to find out more them, too!
  4. Expect to have fun!! Recruitment is not always serious. Your new sisters will be a lot of fun to meet!!


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