News Releases & Media Relations

News Releases

All William Woods University, news releases are distributed by the marketing and university relations office using special news release stationery (see below). If you believe you might have a news-worthy story, contact the director of university relations at 573.592.1127 or one to three weeks in advance of actual news date. If you have something important but less news-release-worthy, send it to


News Release Template


Media Contact

The director of university relations is responsible for maintaining good relationships with media representatives in mid-Missouri and state-wide. Representatives from newspapers, television and radio are often invited to campus for news opportunities. If you are contacted directly by a reporter or photographer, or if someone shows up without an appointment, please refer them to marketing and university relations for assistance.


You can gain more public recognition for your department, program or office and WWU by wearing William Woods collegiate sportswear, using forest green and burgundy in your backdrop, by frequently using the words "William Woods University" in your verbal address, by using podiums that have the WWU logo or seal on them, and/or standing in front of WWU signs.

Be aware that displaying memorabilia or wearing sportswear from other universities while being interviewed by the media may undermine your efforts to promote your WWU department or program.

Media Inquiries

All incoming calls from – and personal visits by – members of the media should be directed to marketing and university relations, which will determine the most appropriate person(s) to respond. Although several staff members in marketing and university relations can respond to an inquiry, the director of university relations is the primary contact for initial calls. If no one is available in marketing and university relations, a message should be taken and marketing and university relations will respond to the inquiry in a timely manner. In those rare instances when a media representative may visit unannounced, and no one in marketing and university relations is immediately available, please contact one of the following persons, using the cell phone numbers noted below, in the order listed, until you reach someone.

  1. Mary Ann Beahon 573.220.1947
  2. Scott Miniea 573.268.3841
  3. Scott Gallagher 573.797.1800

Note: These cell phone numbers should also be used in the event of a crisis or emergency.

Expert Comment

When called directly by media for a comment about a subject that clearly falls within your area of expertise, please go ahead and answer the questions. By contrast, you are not expected to answer hypothetical or speculative questions, or questions that fall outside your area of expertise. Answering such questions can increase the chances that inaccurate or misleading information is published. A simple "I don’t know" is appropriate.

Additional Notes

After talking with the media, please inform marketing and university relations of the contact and your assessment of the outcome. Media questions about university policy, personnel matters, student records or any items of a private or sensitive nature should be referred to marketing and university relations.

If you have any doubts about answering a question, if you believe the subject of a story has been misrepresented or if you are simply uncomfortable with the direction an interview is going, feel free to end the interview, letting the reporter know that you agreed only to talk about your area of expertise and that other questions should be directed to the marketing and university relations.

Public Speaking and Presentation Materials

Whenever you make a public presentation, you have a unique opportunity to connect with the public and create awareness about the university. Consider wearing a WWU lapel pin or WWU shirt. Generously use forest green and burgundy or the words William Woods University in your handouts and other visual materials. The WWU logo makes an attractive signature on digital presentations. Make sure to use the latest WWU logo, whether print or electronic format, and official school colors.

Newsletters And Brochures

Your departmental or organizational newsletters and brochures represent WWU. When creating or revising a newsletter, template or brochure, contact marketing and university relations. If your newsletter is about your department or sanctioned university activities, include the full name of the university in your banner nameplate and a return address using the specified university return address format. Any document, handbook or other piece designed for mass consumption, both internal and external, should be proofread and approved by an appropriate member of the executive cabinet. Proofreading assistance is available from marketing and university relations, but if assistance is required, advance notice to marketing and university relations is expected.