Main Points

Simply by following these main points, you can help make William Woods University quickly and easily recognizable:

  • Consider any contact with the public a marketing opportunity. We create the image of our university with the letters and email we send, the way we teach, the trips we take in university vehicles, and even in our conversations with neighbors and friends.
  • “William Woods University” is our full legal name and must appear that way the first time it is used in any document.
  • The university logo may be re-sized, but it must not be re-proportioned or re-configured. No text should ever be added to it.
  • The university logo and website address spelled “” are to appear on all WWU communications. Many areas on campus have website “redirects” set-up, such as Check with Marketing and University Relations to see whether there are any set up for your area.
  • Keep web pages, promotional materials and publications up-to-date.
  • When conducting business on behalf of the university, including outreach such as recruiting, fundraising, etc., the university’s name and identity marks must always appear prominently.
  • The university has only one mascot, the owl.
  • All university stationery must be ordered through marketing and university relations, whether printed on- or off-campus.
  • Use only licensed vendors to produce promotional products. This process should be coordinated through marketing and university relations.
  • Notify the marketing and creative director of all planned advertising prior to obligating university funds.
  • Instant recognition for the university will come only through consistent use and presentation of the standard set of images, symbols and names in this manual. Please use them.
  • Use the university’s slogan, “Walk Into Your Future,” at every opportunity. Any prior slogans or taglines, such as “Learning without Limits,” should not be used.
  • It is also appropriate to use the slogan, “It’s a great day to be an Owl,” at every opportunity.