WWU on the Internet

Policies and Philosophy

William Woods University web publishers are responsible for the content of the pages they publish and are expected to abide by the highest standards of quality and responsibility. Each document on WWU websites, including smartphone apps and social media, is considered part of the university’s public presentation. Each page linked to the WWU page must contain accurate information, follow a clear and cohesive style in accordance with university web standards, and reflect positively on the university.

Web page publishers are required to comply with all university policies and rules and with state and federal laws concerning use of technology. Being an employee, student or alumnus of William Woods University does not automatically grant unlimited use of WWU identity marks. Consideration must be given to the following when constructing web pages:

  • Web resources should support the mission of the university,
  • Resources should be evaluated for authority and accuracy,
  • Control and maintenance of web page content is the responsibility of the page creator/designated maintainer, and
  • All should be created and maintained with the target audience in mind.

All web page publishers must follow the web policy guidelines, as well as the information contained in this document.

Social Media

Only the marketing and university relations department at WWU is authorized to establish new social media presences on behalf of the university or any part of the university. Being an employee, student or alumnus of William Woods University does not automatically grant unlimited use of WWU identity marks. Once established, the social media presences (blogs, YouTube channel, Facebook page, LinkedIn group, Twitter account, etc.) may be managed and monitored jointly with the department or other entity.

Social media are media for social interaction, using highly accessible and scalable publishing techniques. Social media use web-based technologies to transform and broadcast media monologues into social media dialogues. Some experts define social media as "a group of Internet-based applications that build on the ideological and technological foundations of Web 2.0, and that allow the creation and exchange of user-generated content." Social Media channels such as Facebook, Twitter, YouTube and LinkedIn have become primary tools for communication with and among the university’s constituent groups (students, faculty, staff, alumni, prospective students, parents).

Because the social media environment changes rapidly, email SocialMedia@WilliamWoods.edu or call ext. 1633 for current guidelines and best practices.

General Guidelines

When creating pages, focus on the needs of your audience in design, navigation and content considerations. Determine whether the information being presented is for internal viewers (and further, if it is for staff/faculty, students, or both) or external viewers. Depending on the audience, the pages may require different information, priorities and presentation.

The content of pages is the responsibility of the web page publisher. When designing a page, the following items should be considered:

  1. Each link should be descriptive (unlike: Click Here).
  2. It is helpful to identify file size on linked downloadable files in kilobytes (e.g., 3K), and file formats (e.g., PDF).

The base font should always be 10 point, black Arial with the only exceptions being page and section headings. Page width should be 400 pixels or less. This is the default size for the template, but large pictures and poorly constructed tables will cause the page to stretch across the screen. Always think of your audience when designing pages. It is the page designer’s job to guide the new user where they want to go.

The university website has specific web guidelines. Contact Website@WilliamWoods.edu or ext. 4392 for questions or assistance.

College, Administrative, Departmental and Office Sites

Since the WWU website was redesigned, all college, administrative, departmental and office sites must use the template provided for entry page and are welcome to use the template for their entire site.

Use of Identity Marks on the Web

University names, the logo and other university identity marks are reserved for official university use only. For approval to use any other university identity marks, contact marketing and university relations. Being an employee, student or alumnus of William Woods University does not automatically grant unlimited use of WWU identity marks.