Make William Woods University ads instantly identifiable as WWU ads to strengthen the university’s public image.

Advertising Guidelines

All advertising must include the full name of the university or the university logo and, if possible, should include use of:

  1. "Walk Into the Future" slogan
  2. The university website address as “” and 800 number
  3. Images of the WWU campus or student(s), if space allows

Notify marketing and university relations about all advertising needs. This avoids conflict and duplication, coordinates efforts, saves money and promotes the university more efficiently.

Imprinted Products/Specialty Items

Marketing and university relations must authorize and approve imprinted/specialty products or other promotional products, including t-shirts. Contact or ext. 4297 to order specialty items. All WWU products that reproduce WWU’s name or identity marks, whether they are for resale or for university use, are subject to this policy, except the Logo Store’s products and athletic uniforms. For more detailed information, contact marketing and university relations.