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WINTer | 2013-14 The Woods Magazine
The Business of runningWWU: Full Speed Ahead
The phones started ringing in
mid-July. The William Woods Board
of Trustees had a decision to make
and it had to be made fast. At issue:
whether to continue to make bond
payments through 2025 or pay off
the remaining $8 million in bonds
at once. The options were reviewed;
the choice made …pay off the
bonds now.
It turned out to be the right move
at the right time.
We saved $1.3 million by
paying off the bonds in September
and, coupled with the refinancing of
the bond in 2008, our total savings
turned out to be $2.8 million,”
said Jahnae H. Barnett,
WWU President.
With that decision, William
Woods achieved a pinnacle reached
by few private institutions in the
nation. The university was
completely debt free.
Years of responsible financial
management allowed the university
administration and board to respond
quickly to this opportunity. One
important factor was the availability
of undesignated funds in the
university’s endowment. This
was made possible because WWU,
unlike the majority of other
institutions, does not use
endowment earnings to bolster
its annual operational budget.
By reinvesting our earnings,
we substantially increase gains
on investment.” Barnett noted.
Sound financial planning has had
another huge benefit. For 13
consecutive years, William Woods
has ended each fiscal year in the
black. The university has never
gone over budget.
With each financial decision, we
have one question in mind, ‘What is
best for our students.’” said Barnett.
Dakota Smith, the scholar-athlete,
sums it up this way, “William Woods
offers a beautiful campus where
everyone knows who you are. You
can truly stand out; make a differ-
ence. It’s a tight-knit community. It
is what you make of it.” Smith said.
So. “All aboard!”
Nearly every on-campus
traditional student
participates in the WWU
LEAD (Leading,
Educating, Achieving,
Developing) program at
WWU. Each student is
eligible to receive $5,000
per year by participating in
LEAD events, including
lectures, films, concerts,
intercollegiate athletic
events, plays, art exhibits,
and student organizations.
Degrees in education are
particularly popular for
those attending evening
courses. To date, 390
principals and 81
superintendents have
received their education
degrees from WWU,
many by attending
evening programs
offered around the state.
WWU is the first and
only institution of higher
education in the country
to offer an online Master
of Education degree in
Equestrian Education.
Here, equestrian
professionals learn the
skills needed to develop
and teach equestrian
curriculum; no
horsin’ around!
When Jessica Bargate graduated from
WWU in 2012 with a bachelor’s degree
in graphic design, she had no idea, just
one year later, her talents would be used
to promote her alma mater. Today,
as a sales and production assistant at
Onmedia in Columbia,Mo., Bargate
is designing innovative graphics for the
university’s new branding campaign.
It’s a wonderful opportunity but a
little intimidating to be designing
television, print, and web ads for
WilliamWoods,” Bargate says
with a laugh.
Bargate and the Onmedia team
provide the creative talent for WWU’s
new “We have some something for
everyone” branding campaign. The
visuals for the campaign are totally
animated; an innovative approach
unique for the Onmedia team. The
graphics in this article were created by
Bargate and are based on the television,
print, and online advertisements. The
TV commercials are seen throughout
mid-Missouri and were featured in the
World Series battle between the St.
Louis Cardinals and Boston Red Sox.
Let the Train
Whistle Blow!