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The Woods Magazine WINTer | 2013-14
Serve the world, see the world.
This is the motto of William Woods
University’s Project 123, a new
service-based scholarship program.
Students who are selected and complete
hours of community service are
given stipends to participate in Woods
Around the World.
WWU’s Center for Ethics and
Global Studies created the program
with the generous help of the Lambert
Foundation.The goal is to make the
opportunity of traveling overseas
available to anybody.
They (the Lambert Foundation)
were especially interested in helping
students travel who may not have
traveled before because of financial
considerations,” said Travis Tamerius,
director of the Center for Ethics and
Global Studies.
When we spoke with them, they
let us know that they were going to
make funds available,” said Tamerius.
We decided to add some value to the
investment by connecting it with
community service.”
The student participants in Project
are finding ways to serve their
communities while having a great
time in the process.They are caring
for animals in shelters, conducting
river cleanups, serving in food banks,
mentoring the young, helping the
mentally and physically disabled,
and so much more.
Students are doing their part to
make the world a better place, and
they are finding that sometimes, it’s
the small things that end up making a
big difference. Before they are finished,
they will donate nearly 2,500 hours in
community service.
Project 123 will not only benefit
the community, but also the individual
participants.They will have chances to
travel, learn about new cultures, and
make lasting memories. During spring
break 2014, Project 123 participants
will make a 12-day trip to Turkey
and Greece.
My favorite part is the opportunity
we have to make a difference in our
communities …we get to work
together as a team and learn more
about the needs within our community
and apply some muscle power, some
skill, and some time to try to make a
difference,” said Tamerius.
I also like the idea that we are
serving the world to see the world and
so you’re going to have students who
have never been out of the country who
now have a great vehicle by which to go
because someone has made it available.
To people who have never been on a
plane, people who have never been
out of the country, you’re giving the
gift of travel and broadening
people’s horizons.”
Project 123:
Engaging Students in Service
By Andrea Garcia ’15
Project 123
serve the world, see the world
Students participating in Project 123 conduct various
community service projects, including river cleanup.
Left to right: Andrea Garcia, Katherine Gaines, and
Randi Lauby.