Page 17 - William Woods University - Winter 2013-14

The Woods Magazine WINTer | 2013-14
opposite page and left) Mark and Gretchen Whitney
Photos courtesy of Whitney)
above) Whitney’s children, Garrison, 6, and Grant, 12.
Photo courtesy of Whitney)
William Woods, which offers one
of approximately 30 four-year ASL
degrees in North America, has added a
degree-completion online program for
students who already have completed
a two-year community college
interpreting degree.
The new Bachelor
of Science degree in
interpretation studies
in American Sign
is the only online
program from a
interpreting program.
Whitney heard
about WWU’s new online program at
an interpreter’s conference.
I am very self-motivated,” she said,
so I knew it would mesh with my life
and family well.”
She has been married for 15 years
and has two sons, 12-year-old Grant,
and 6-year-old Garrison. In addition
to serving as a certified interpreter, she
works for a video relay service and
does contract work in Council Bluffs
and Omaha.
I could bounce from place to place
all day, or I could be in one location all
day, it really depends
on the day,” she said.
Participants in the
interpreting studies
online program have
the opportunity to
take the same classes
as offered on-campus,
including an
internship. Whitney,
for instance, is taking
Deaf literature from
her home. She enjoys being able to
complete the assignments and read on
her own time.
Whitney completed her associate’s
degree at St. Paul Technical College
and Inver Hills Community College.
She attended several other schools prior
to finding William Woods, and plans
to continue with her master’s degree
upon graduating.
I plan to continue to interpret and,
some day, teach aspects of interpreting.”
In recent years, William Woods has
integrated online learning into the
curriculum. This allows students to
learn on their own, work around busy
schedules, and go to class in their
own homes.
A growing number also have
families and are unable to attend class
on a traditional campus. According to, more than
million students are expected to
have some online classes by 2014. It is
anticipated that more than 3.5 million
will only attend classes online.
WWU continues to create new
learning opportunities for every
student and every major, everywhere
in the country. To learn more about
the online ASL-Interpreting program
and other online programs offered, visit
I plan to
continue to
interpret and,
some day, teach
aspects of