Page 16 - William Woods University - Winter 2013-14

GretchenWhitney begins her day around 5:45 a.m.
She gets her two children ready for school, sees her
husband off to work, and then leaves for one of her
three jobs.
Whitney lives in Carter Lake, Iowa, some 340 miles
from Fulton, Mo., but she is one of a growing number
of students who attend classes throughWilliamWoods
University. She does her program online.
Many students around the country, includingWhitney,
have been searching for efficient ways to complete
a four-year degree in American Sign Language
interpreting. That’s because, since July 2012, anyone
wishing to earn National Interpreter Certification
must have a four-year degree.
TakingWilliamWoods' first-class
ASL program to a new level
By Haley Hinze ’14
WINTer | 2013-14 The Woods Magazine