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The Woods Magazine WINTer | 2013-14
learning experience and establish a
foundation for career success. A focus
on entrepreneurial endeavors sets the
program apart and provides students
with a more diverse skill study.
Students will gain valuable
skills, including:
Human resources and
organizational behavior
Economics for business
Accounting for managers
Financial decisions
Managerial ethics
Marketing planning and
Marketing research
Information technology
Business law
WWU’s new master’s degree in
equestrian education allows students
to share their passion with a new
generation of equestrian enthusiasts.
Designed for current equestrian
professionals, the online program
delivers an accessible way to gain field
instruction skills to transition into the
role of educator. Students will improve
their teaching techniques and learn
to construct effective curriculum by
applying instructional theories
and strategies.
The WWU online equestrian
master's degree offers an opportunity
to enter a new market in the equestrian
industry—education.Through the use
of technology and management of
equestrian resources, the curriculum
promotes professional development
and career growth.
Equestrian education is gaining
momentum in the industry as
employers seek academically
credentialed equestrian professionals
in the fields of extension service, breed
and discipline, organizational leadership,
undergraduate instruction, and others.
According to the U.S. Bureau of
Labor Statistics, these positions are
expected to experience an average 17
percent increase in employment through
the next decade. Equestrian education
professionals are also being sought to fill
positions as youth and outreach workers
to improve the quality and effectiveness
of this early exposure to the field.
It is another exciting time in our
history,” Barnett said, “and while there
are challenges before us, I am confident
that adding more online options
will greatly increase access to
educational opportunities.”
William Woods University is
currently accepting applications
for all online programs. For more
information or to apply, go to
Lavelle Coleman and his wife admire their 8-month-old son, Lavelle Jr.
Photo courtesy of Coleman)
Lavelle Coleman is in the
Army, but manages to take
online courses fromWilliam
Woods University. (Photo
courtesy of Coleman)