Page 10 - William Woods University - Winter 2013-14

WINTer | 2013-14 The Woods Magazine
I had a lot of questions, but the
instructor was very helpful and more
than willing to work with me.”
The flexibility of William Woods
University’s online classes allows
students to pursue degrees day or
night—anywhere, anytime. Many
students today prefer the convenience
of online classes, and WWU is
meeting their needs with new
online degree programs.
In October the university
began offering online:
An Associate of Arts
A Bachelor of Science
in management
A Bachelor of Science
in paralegal studies
A Master of Business
A Master of Equestrian
These degree programs join two
others already in progress—the
Bachelor of Science degree in
interpretation studies in ASL–English
and the Master of Education degree in
teaching and technology. All programs
offer 24/7 technical support.
I have always taken pride in the
progressive, changing, refusing-to-stay-
static nature of the William Woods
community, and I believe we have,
once again,
moved forward,”
Dr. Jahnae H.
Barnett, WWU
president, said.
Online courses
at William
University are
flexible (some
programs can be
completed in as few as 12-18 months)
to help students reach their career goals
quicker; convenient for those balancing
family, work, and education; affordable,
due to competitive tuition ($200 per
credit hour for undergraduate courses
and $300 for graduate courses) and
financial aid; and accredited by the
Higher Learning Commission of the
North Central Association of Colleges
and Schools.
Achieving approval from the
Higher Learning Commission to
offer fully online degree programs is
an important step for the future of
William Woods University,” Dr. Mike
Westerfield, vice president and dean
of the graduate college, said. “The
flexibility to offer any degree program
online or to offer hybrid degrees will
help us meet the educational needs of
current and future students as our lives
become more globally connected.”
He added, “Online classes allow
students to have a choice that best
fits into their lifestyles.They have
the same objectives and assessments
with online classes as they would
have in the traditional face-to-face
delivery method.”
WWU’s Associate of Arts degree
exposes students to the university's
rigorous general education curriculum.
Creating a solid academic foundation
in this way allows students to work
toward continued education and
career excellence.
the 61-credit-
hour associate
program qualifies
students for
admission into
one of the
programs and
meets most universities’ general
education requirements. Students
can transfer up to 30 credit hours
toward the online liberal arts
associate degree.
The online Bachelor of Science in
management (BSM) degree program
is for adults interested in entering or
advancing in the business world.The
online BSM degree at WWU consists
of 124 hours, with 61 general education
hours, 21 basic core hours and 42 major
core credit hours.
WWU offers an online bachelor's
degree in paralegal studies for
accelerated and convenient entry
into this fast-paced legal industry.
Students will gain general knowledge
and applicable skills for career
success, including:
Substantive and procedural law
American legal system
Delivery of legal services
Legal research and writing
Law-related computer skills
Legal interviewing and investigation
The university’s paralegal degree
program consists of 42 semester hours
in a 14-course sequence. Coursework
focuses on the application of substantive
and procedural law to legal fact patterns
professionals would encounter in the
legal environment.
The program strives to build a core of
legal knowledge and critical thinking
skills, as well as an understanding of
professional ethics, communication,
and interpersonal skills.These all serve
to enhance a student's ability to
effectively function as a professional
in the legal environment.
The online MBA program is intended
to help students jump start or redefine
their careers.The MBA is among the
most coveted degrees in higher education
with professionals and employers alike.
It makes a person stand out in a crowded
job market and workforce.
WWU’s advanced curriculum draws
on core competencies across business
sectors to facilitate a well-rounded
Online classes
allow students
to have a choice
that best fits into
their lifestyles."