Page 33 - William Woods University - Winter 2012-13

Winter 2012
Betty Jean (Arnold) Leininger
East Alton,
Ill., passed away Aug. 22, 2012. After attending
William Woods, she worked as a keypunch
operator in Chicago and for JCPenney in East
Alton. She was an active church member for
more than 50 years and was happiest as a wife
and homemaker.
Norma G. (Ellington) Bibb
Springfield, Ill.,
passed away Sept. 29, 2012. Following
graduation she worked at St. John's Hospital
in the credit department and married Lee Bibb.
She is survived by her two sons.
Guyla (Tatroe) Classick-Bouton
Bartlesville, Okla., died Sept. 4, 2012. Guyla was
a sales representative for Avon for more than 30
years and received numerous awards. She was
a member of the Good Shepherd Presbyterian
Church since 1956 and a member of the 55+ Club.
Joyce (Lee) Braly
Blackwell, Okla., passed
away May 31, 2012. Joyce was an acclaimed
teacher of piano, voice, trumpet, and French horn,
accumulating a list of more than 400 students.
Her private teaching practice lasted more than
years. She was involved in church music in
all areas, directing choirs and ensembles, serving
as organist and pianist, as well as directing the
congregation. She also enjoyed making quilts,
afghans, and sweaters for her family.
Julia (Middleton) Connet
Camdenton, Mo.,
died May 21, 2012. She had worked in the art
department at Hallmark Cards and sold real estate
while living in the Kansas City area. She was an
elder at the John Knox Kirk Presbyterian Church
Tied the Knot
Marla Snyder
Charlotte, N.C., wed Grant Portra,
WC ’11, in September 2012. In the wedding party
Stacey Myers
Londonderry, N.H., and
Alyssa Wick
Hugo, Minn. Grant is a portfolio
administrator at U.S. Bank, and Marla is a
diamond consultant for Zales.
Brittany Cox
Springfield, Mo., married
in June 2012. She teaches journalism
and English at Nixa High School, and Caleb is
the team lead in the hunting retail department of
Bass Pro.
Annie Eime
St. Louis, Mo.;
Oak Park, Ill., and
Teal Snoddy
Columbia, Mo., were in the wedding party.
sports fan and bridge player. Betsy was preceded
in death by her sister,
Janet (Drescher) Lyon
Wynnedith (von Wehrden) Ritchey
Pa., passed away May 31, 2012. Over the years
she was employed at QM Motor Mechanic
School, Aeronautical Chart Plant, St. Louis, Mo.;
sworn into CIA for secretarial duties, Letterkenny
Arsenal, and teacher of English and business
education at Everett Area High School. She is
the sister of the late
Doris (von Wehrden)
Dorthea (Drury) Royer
Portland, Ore.,
passed away July 9, 2012. While at William
Woods, “Dottie” was a news editor for the Green
Owl, a member of the “Leaves” staff, member
of the YWCA, and on the Edwards intramural
basketball team. She served on the board of her
Portland community library and volunteered with
the Raleigh Park School Library for many years.
Patty (Willbern) McKay
West Hartford,
Conn., passed away May 19, 2012. Patty was
involved in many theater groups over the years,
including the Mark Twain Masquers and the
Simsbury Light Opera Company. She was a
proud member of the Town and Country Club of
Hartford, where she was a master bridge player.
She also liked to travel. Patty is the mother of
Marjorie (McKay) Widness
Betty (Cannon) Buie
Greensboro, N.C.,
died March 4, 2012. Betty was an airline
stewardess for Braniff Airlines before becoming
a homemaker. She loved painting and sculpture,
decorating, baking, music and musical theater,
card games, reading, and swimming. She
delighted in sitting on the front row of every
activity her children and grandchildren ever
did, cheering them on.
Marie (Losos) Bradbury
Iowa, passed away April 15, 2012. While at
William Woods, Marie’s student activities
included YWCA Cabinet, Paddock Club,
International Relations Club, and War
Service Committee.
Rosemary (Miles) Lee
Prairie Village,
Kan., passed away June 27, 2012. A few years
after graduating, Rosemary went east to live and
work in New York City. She met her husband in
Philadelphia. Rosemary was a caring friend, wife,
mother, and grandmother, taking special delight in
her grandchildren.
Caitlin Steiner
Hannibal, Mo., married William
Spencer in June 2012. He is employed at
Hannibal Council of Alcohol and Drug Abuse
and she teaches at Hannibal Middle School.
Vanessa Thomas
Carmi, Ill., married Kyle
Ameling in October 2012. Members of
the bridal party included
Lili Coleman
Tulsa, Okla., and
Lauren Greenwald
Houston, Texas.