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Winter 2012
residential living, with face-to-face
interactions in the classroom, with all
the structure that it entails, to those who
prefer to work and raise a family while
taking classes delivered in an accelerated
format by a working professional, to those
who prefer a self-directed, online program
of study that they can adapt to their varying
needs, William Woods University is there
with programs to meet their needs and
their preferences.
WWU’s campus exists not just in the
physical sense. William Woods University
commenced its first online degree programs
recently with the launch of the WWU Online
Campus. While we have been offering
individual courses online for several years,
the new online degree programs are the
first of their kind for WWU. Take a look at and share it with
your friends and colleagues.
The Higher Learning Commission
approved the offering of an undergraduate
degree in interpretation studies in American
Sign Language-English that is designed for
Jahnae H. Barnett, Ph.D.
t’s hard to believe another semester is
already drawing to a close. Campus has been
bustling with end-of-semester activity among
our undergraduate students, but the larger
WWU community has been bustling as well.
Students in our outreach program are making
progress working in their cohorts, and the 32
doctoral candidates are hard at work on their
dissertations. In fact, by the time you read
this, WWU will likely have awarded its first
doctoral degrees.
The world has changed during my tenure
as president—think of mobile phones, the
Internet, and most recently, sky diving from
the edge of outer space. Similarly, the
educational landscape is not the same as it
was in 1990.
Today’s learners expect a learning
experience that is tailored to their needs
and preferences. And because people are
dissimilar, a one-size-fits-all approach is not
in the desirable column on students’ lists.
Given these realities, WWU now has
programs that benefit more and different
students. From those who value
those who have some college experience,
but are seeking to obtain a bachelor’s degree,
which is now a requirement for those seeking
national certification in ASL Interpreting.
Also approved was a Master of Education
degree in teaching and technology, which
will prepare teachers to effectively incorporate
technology in the classroom.
It is an exciting time at WWU. As we grow,
we never lose sight of you and the rich history
of this great university. The hallmarks of a
William Woods education endure: small class
sizes, individual attention, a sense of
community, and academic excellence.
Where have these hallmarks taken you?
Please keep us informed of milestones in
YOUR lives. Have you moved? Gotten
married? Welcomed new family
members? Received a promotion? Email
with the details.
As we bring 2012 to a close, all of us at
WWU wish you well. And we hope you enjoy
a happy, healthy 2013.
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Photo by Lauren Fischer, WWU