Page 16 - William Woods University - Winter 2012-13

Wash. U's Dr. Adam Pearson assesses a client’s grip, wrist angle, elbow
flexion, and shoulder movement.
Wash. U clinical specialist Sue Tucker and student Victoria Bosshart
perform a seating and mobility assessment.
Students have expressed interest in
Washington University’s 3+2 OT program.
Carr will work with interested students to
ensure they present the best possible
portfolios in their applications.
Students also need to take all the
prerequisites required by Washington
University at WWU, take the GRE, apply to
Washington University, submit references,
and await acceptance to their program,”
said Munns.
Occupational therapy is an application
of the basic biological and social sciences;
hence, bachelor's degrees in psychology and
biology are useful to prospective students.
Other suitable majors include business,
computer science, and art.
Once students have completed all their
coursework, they must apply to the program
just like students at Washington University
have to do,” said McCarthy.
To be selected, the students must have
a high GPA and other credentials, as it is a
competitive program where a small number of
the applicants actually get in. The guarantee
is that students who have completed all the
prerequisites are just as likely to be chosen as
those from any other partner campus.”
Only 80 students are accepted out of more
than 300 applications. Because Washington
University uses a national application process,
all students are on a level playing field when it
comes to being admitted into the program.
The 3+2 Articulation Program is very
similar to WWU’s current MBA in 5 program,
which allows business students to complete
both a bachelor’s and master’s degree in
five years.
If students are admitted to the
Wash. U program,” Munns said, “they will
have a bachelor’s degree from WWU and a
master’s degree from Wash. U in five years.”
Saving time and money are not the only
benefits of this accelerated program.
It allows students who want to enter this
field to prepare at WWU where they may be
closer to home and where they can take other
electives,” said McCarthy. “It also allows
them to take courses leading to this field but
have the ability to change their minds without
having invested too much in the major.”
For more information regarding the 3+2
Articulation Program, contact
Bonnie Carr