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“Community service is a big
part of both Pike and Phi’s
chapter goals,” said
Kathleen Carron
of Alpha
Phi. “When we learned we
had the chance to reach out
on a bigger scale, we were
"The trip to Joplin was a true
eye-opening experience for
the men of Pi Kappa Alpha,”
William Wallace
, chapter president. “It was
unbelievable to see the damage and destruction caused
by the tornado. It was a very great feeling to know that
we were helping this community rebuild and regain
their happiness."
While in Joplin, some students worked in the park building
a playground and a sitting area. Others helped with
painting, sweeping, hanging wallpaper, and landscaping.
Shelly Vincent-Masek
’90, of Fulton, an interior designer
who earned her degree from WWU, volunteered when
she discovered Extreme Makeover would be in Joplin.
She led a team of interior design students and
professionals in efforts to help the
Joplin community. Her 20-person
crew turned 750 yards of fabric
into custom curtains in three days
for the homes devastated by
the Joplin tornado.
Stephanie Hall
’07 and
Hill Steinbeck
’85, both of Fulton,
Vicki Martin Wren
’87 of
Ashland, Mo., assisted Masek.
Hall said, “It was overwhelming to
be in the work environment where you’re building houses in
the middle of tornado alley. It was kind of sad to see only so
much left.”
Whitney Davis
’09 approached her mother,
Dr. Linda
, professor of management information systems,
with the idea of volunteering in Joplin.
“Ever since my kids lost their dad eight years ago to
cancer, I have tried to find special bonding experiences
that will create memories for a lifetime,” Linda Davis said.
“Once we got there and saw the large posters with pictures
of the families we would be helping, it became even
more invigorating.”
...It’s one thing to throw
money at a problem or
cause, but when you go
down and do the work
yourself, the feeling of really
helping increases tenfold...
Matthew Brumit, student
[ [
Shelly Vincent-Masek, Laura Hill Steinbeck in front of "the bus."
Whitney Davis and Dr. Linda Davis at the build site.