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Alpha Chi Omega at
William Woods wins
top chapter award
in nation
By Mary Ann Beahon
The Alpha Chi Omega chapter at WWU is
the sole recipient of the National Council
Trophy—the sorority’s highest award for
collegiate chapters.
Marsha Grady, national president, visited
the chapter Aug. 14 to present the 2010
National Council Trophy and several
other crystal awards. The chapter won
numerous Seeking the Heights awards:
Facility Management, Intellectual
Development, Member Education,
Panhellenic Participation, Recruitment,
and Risk Management.
The chapter won the National Council
Award in 1998 and was eligible to win
it again after winning the Continuing
Excellence Award 10 years in a row.
Lisa Burke
, a May 2011 WWU graduate
from Louisburg, Kan., was president of
the chapter during 2010.
Judy Schmuck
of Wildwood, Mo., is the longtime
chapter adviser.
“It is such an honor to receive the
National Council Trophy,” Burke said.
Alpha Chi Omega National President Marsha Grady (second from left, front row) presents the
National Council Trophy to Eliza Payne, chapter president, while other executive board members
proudly display other awards.
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“Because of the hard work and leadership
in our chapter and on campus, and
the amazing support we get from our
advisers, our women were recognized
at the highest possible level nationally.
I have never been more proud of my
sisters and proud to be an
Alpha Chi Omega.”
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In addition to many other requirements,
to be recognized as StormReady, a
university must have
an Emergency Operations Plan
that includes severe weather
more than one way to receive severe
weather forecasts and warnings,
several methods to warn students,
employees, and visitors of
impending hazardous weather,
shelter areas designated and
clearly marked, and
an active preparedness program that
educates students and employees
of the dangers posed by
hazardous weather.
During severe weather forecasts, the
WWU safety department sends mass
texts to students and employees using
“Woods Alert.” Safety officers also
announce severe weather warnings over
loud speakers. To increase safety, WWU
has marked storm shelters and placed
weather radios in every building with
each student community advisor and
office building proctor.
According to Wills, NOAA is dedicated
to enhancing economic security and
national safety through the prediction
and research of weather and
climate-related events, as well as
information service delivery for
transportation, and by providing
environmental stewardship of the
nation’s coastal and marine resources.