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A group from William Woods University (left to right) Rebecca Seitz, Sydnee
Kuster, Tiffany Bounds, Cyndi Koonse, Courtney Shotwell, Travis Tamerius,
Madeline Ortego and Tammy Carter visit the Badlands of South Dakota.
“Each day brought a certain amount of
satisfaction as we knew the bunk beds
were getting children off the floor and
giving them a more comfortable place to
sleep,” Tamerius said. “I was very proud
of our work team. Each person took turns
with the power tools, cutting boards, and
hanging plywood. Others installed
insulation under the trailer in very
windy conditions.”
Shotwell, a junior psychology major,
commented, “This trip changed my
life and made me realize what’s really
important. I plan on returning as much
as possible and as soon as possible.
My heart remains on the reservation
and I know now what I am supposed
to do in life.”
Travis Tamerius (left) in native dress with a new friend
on the reservation.
Tamerius shares Shotwell’s perspective.
“On each of these trips, we have a great
deal of fun traveling together, but we also
learned a lot,” he said. “And we put
ourselves in a position to have our own
lives changed, and hopefully, to change
the life of someone else.”
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Courtney Shotwell (left) drills into a new bunk bed while other
volunteers assist.