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2011-12 13
Gretchen Pani
, owner of Maplewood Farm, said,
"Working with a student on this website was a very
rewarding experience. Erin was professional, and
the website is already helping me to build
my business."
"Working 'real-world' applications, like websites,
gives students a better understanding of business
practices, both on the technical side and the very
important working relationship side,” said Tetley.
“The class has been extremely helpful for my
Drew Neudecker
, a senior from Alton, Ill.,
said. “I have worked with real clients, making
websites on my own. This experience is
irreplaceable and has been a big part of my
experience in college.”
Bradley Prasuhn
, a December 2009 WWU
graduate from Farmington, Mo., who recently
completed his MBA at WWU, the class helped
prepare him for his career. He took the website
development class in
2007, and this
summer, he became
the web designer for
the university, working
in the Marketing
and University
Relations office.
“This class was the start of my love for web
design,” Prasuhn said. “When I took this class
it was entry level, and it provided me a solid base
into the web-design world. It is funny to look
back at a single college class and realize that
everything I am doing now stems from that one
class. I don’t know that many people can say one
class gave them everything.”
Davis agrees: “There is a tremendous impact.
Students have the opportunity to improve their
advanced website development skills and also to
engage in service-learning, client interaction, and
She added, “At the present time, I believe WWU
is the only college demanding this level of
client-based project in the website class.”
In addition to creating websites for businesses,
students conduct service-learning projects,
combining class work with community service.
Non-profit organizations, such as the Rwanda
Community Partnership (between Fulton, Mo.,
and the East African town of Kibungo, Rwanda)
and Hope in the Streets of Kansas City (which
reaches out to the homeless population), receive
the website design service free of charge. There
is a minimal charge to other clients.
The home page of the Maplewood Farm website.
...having that skill on
my resume will attract
employers and make
me more marketable
for any job...
The home page of the Dance Ovations Dance Company website.