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Winter 2009-2010
Theater major
Cody Olendorff
comes from a small town, so
he found Hollywood to be a bit intimidating.
“It was scary at frst, going to a city that never ends. It was a
huge culture shock.”
However, Olendorff, who has aspirations of being a movie
star, says he learned a lot while completing a summer
internship on the west coast.
“The most important thing I learned was to have a good head
shot and always tell the truth.”
Originally from Pacifc, Mo., Olendorff spent his summer
working for Discover Management, a talent agency in
Burbank, Calif.
He was given the opportunity of a lifetime, thanks to
, WWU assistant professor of performing arts.
Olendorff worked for a seven-year-old management company
that handles and counsels talent in flm, television, hosting,
voice-over and print.
“Our job was to act as the middle man between the talent
and the casting directors,” Olendorff said. “A couple of times I
was able to cast people. The casting directors would want an
outsider’s opinion and I was able to give direction—I felt like
a God!”
Celebrities who came out of Discover Management include
America Ferrera, who plays the lead role in “Ugly Betty”
and starred in the movie “Sisterhood of the Traveling Pants”;
Jessica Morris from the soap opera, “One Life to Live” and
the movie “Role Models,” and Lou Richards, who appeared
in “Hawaii Five-O” and “Dukes of Hazzard,” but is best
known for his cartoon voice overs.
Olendorff took an acting class with Richards.
Olendorff experienced the glamour of working in the business
when Discover Management got him tickets to the Hollywood
premieres of “Happiness Runs” and Will Farrell’s “Land of
the Lost.” He attended the pre-party for “Happiness Runs,”
watched the frst screening of the movie in its fnal cut and
attended the after party.
“I spent the evening talking to the casting director who
discovered Matt Damon—I talked to him all night; it was
amazing,” Olendorff said.
Olendorff took acting classes every week and made his own
Hollywood debut with a WWU student and friend,
Taryn Watts
who found an audition for them on Craigslist for a show called
“Sex, Relationships and Sometimes Love.”
“It was a small show,” Olendorff said, “but it was interesting to
see how everything worked. If you want to act, there are
multitudes of opportunities in Hollywood.”
He called the weather ideal: “You could go to the beach
whenever you wanted and everyone was so laid back.” The
only downside was the traffc: “If you needed to be a certain
place you needed to allow an hour to get there.”
Olendorff said that the summer experience was invaluable.
When he moves back to LA, Discover Management is willing
to represent him.
William Woods offers internships in both Hollywood and New
York, but Olendorff chose Hollywood because, “I want to do flm.
Film reaches a much larger number of people, and as an artist I
want to change the world and move somebody.”
Above: Cody Olendorff at Universal Studios for the premier of
"Transformers" during his internship in Hollywood.
Opposite page: WWU theatre major Cody Olendorff's
professional head shot.