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The Woods
Based on Edward R. Murrow’s popular 1950s radio series by the same name, "This I Believe" has
emerged as an international project engaging people around the world – from all walks of
life – in writing, sharing and discussing the core values that guide their daily lives. These short,
powerful statements of belief are continually archived and featured on public radio in the
U.S. and Canada and on regular National Public Radio broadcasts.
Travis Tamerius
, instructor and university chaplain, introduced this soul-searching collection of
personal essays to William Woods University freshman and transfer students this summer and
challenged them to refect on their own lives as they read the book.
During the fall semester, all incoming students read this engaging book in their Connections
class and were likewise challenged to refect and compose their own essays. [Connections
is an eight-week course designed to ensure a successful transition to college life.]
“'This I Believe' was selected because the essays can easily be read in one sitting and they
focus your attention on the big ideas, the ones that people consider the most important. It's
also a great book for university students because the essays address the age-old questions
typically asked during this time of transition," said Tamerius.
Tamerius has seen students and fellow Connections instructors reconsider their own core values.
He hopes everyone involved gains a renewed appreciation for what can be gained by listen-
ing to others, even if they do not completely agree with those views. He believes that students
should try to, “learn from everyone they can and respect others whose beliefs may be
different than their own.”
"This I Believe" includes essays from such icons as Bill Gates, John Updike, Helen Keller, Colin
Powell, Gloria Steinem and Albert Einstein, but the beauty of the project is that it also includes
profoundly moving essays from students, factory workers, teachers and other such ordinary
Americans. Anyone can submit an essay to the series. Students throughout The Woods are
sharing essays ranging in topics from “The Gift of Giving” to “The Value of Hard Work.”
Abridged student essays below:
I Believe in Indecision
By Rachael Dunetts
I believe in being indecisive and having many beliefs, as long as they feel right in your head
and heart. I believe in staying up late and sleeping in. I believe in giving 100 percent when
you only have 80. I believe in love, arguing, and jamming out by myself in the car. I believe
in kisses on the forehead. I believe in long kisses, smiling till your cheeks hurt, and laughing
until you cry. I believe in having someone tell you that you are beautiful. I believe in doing
something that you love. I believe in swinging on swings and playing in the rain. I believe
in random acts of kindness. I believe in second chances. I believe in miracles. And I
believe in passion.
This I Believe: