Page 28 - William Woods University - Summer 2013

Attending a Tucson alumni evening social are left to right:
Julieann Gibson ’75, Leslie Whitaker-Weichelt ’84, Toni
Balistreri Farnsworth ’82, and Charlie Farnsworth.
Enjoying a Tucson alumni coffee left to right: Roxann
Wetlaufer ’83, Phyllis Cate Peterson ’48, Julieann
Gibson ’75, and Jennie Boedeker Bennett ’77.
Sun City, Ariz., alumni gather (left to right) Jane Meyer
Hall ’61, Nancy Nelson ’61, Leah Johnson Gantz ’61,
and Suzanne Jesberg Rodgers
s, and
s alumni gather in
Creve Coeur, Mo. Left to right: Linda Pursley Houlle ’63,
Janet Chance Popiel ’60, Carol Fisher Graham ’61,
Laura Maschoff Enghauser ’59, Carolyn Fox Schaefer ’58,
Janet Senger Scull ’59, Shirley Stewart Aschinger ’54,
Dee Dee Niedergerke Cochran ’60, Joan Lazarus
Quevreaux ’62, Patricia Wiley Hrastich ’66, Carole
Noxon Rawlins ’59, Carole Schmidt Golfin ’62, Mary Ann
Atzenweiler Woodcock ’61, and Janet Augustine
Bornemann ’65.
Attending a Scottsdale, Ariz., alumni coffee are left to right:
Joey Silberberg Evans ’74 (alumni coordinator and co-host),
Jeanne Sopko Mathews ’66, Lane Friedman Rabin ’92,
President Jahnae H. Barnett, and Scott Gallagher,
Vice President of WWU.
For the second year Mexico, Mo., alumni take a break
from Saturday holiday shopping to enjoy wine and
appetizers at “Wine On Washington.” The gathering
was hosted by Mexico alumni coordinators Susan Erdel
Atkins ’68 and Nancy Erdel Oliver ’73.
For the 10th year Callaway alumni and friends celebrate
the holiday season with a gourmet brunch provided by
our own WWU food service.
Young alumni get together in Wellington, Fla. Left to right:
Angela Trevithick ’11, Mary Schultz-Rathbun ’09, Elizabeth
Williams (incoming 2013), Matt Mina ’11, Melissa Smith ’11,
Natalie Goodman ’11, and Michael Barnes, WWU
Development Officer.
Kansas City alumni gather in the home of hosts by
Barbara Loring Foster ’80 and her husband, Robin
nd and 3rd from the left) at the November
Wine and Appetizer" gathering.
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