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WWU Graduate Wins
$10,000 to Start
New Business
By Leigh Ann Rice ’14
When Suzanne Ellerbrock decided to pursue
an MBA degree from William Woods
University in 2008, she had no plans to
become a business owner.
I never thought I would be comfortable
branching out from Corporate America. I
couldn’t see myself living without the security
of health insurance or other benefits that a
corporate position may provide,” she said.
Three years after earning her MBA,
Ellerbrock is now the proud recipient of a
$10,000 award from the Quincy, Ill., Chamber
of Commerce Business Plan Competition. She
and her two business partners, Susan Scholz
and Nancy Waters, now have enough funds
to lay groundwork on their senior moving
management business, Golden Bridges.
The new enterprise was set in motion when
Waters, who served as the executive director
for one of the assisted living facilities in
Quincy, received a phone call from a
family asking for assistance with moving
their parents.
We started brainstorming and thinking
about the demographics of our community,”
said Ellerbrock. “So many members of our
community are elderly, and most of their
families do not live in the area. With Golden
Bridges, we would be able to make the
moving experience so much simpler on
our seniors and their families.”
In 2012, the Quincy Chamber of
Commerce announced a competition for
businesses that would be willing to expand
or relocate into Adam’s County. The prize
would be $10,000.
We just looked at each other and saw
this as the perfect opportunity. It was now or
never,” said Ellerbrock.
Our biggest task with this competition
was creating a viable business plan, which
I was so fortunate to learn how to do in my
business classes from William Woods Univer-
sity. I was able to use the tools we learned in
class, which saved us a tremendous amount
of time while preparing for the submissions,”
said Ellerbrock.
Earning my degree from William Woods
University was the best thing I could have
done for myself,” she said. “When I first
decided to go after the business degree, it was
for personal reasons rather than career growth.
Meeting once a week for classes was so con-
venient for my schedule, it was an opportunity
I couldn’t pass up. I really would not trade my
experience at William Woods for anything.”
She added, “I never realized how exciting
an opportunity that would be – to be a part of
creating your own business. Now that I have
this opportunity, I want this more than I ever
could have imagined.”
The three entrepreneurs, left to
right, Nancy Waters, Suzanne
Ellerbrock and Susan Scholz,
display their $10,000
ceremonial check.
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Grad and radio host
addresses county
By Mary Ann Beahon
Dr. Gina Loudon
a 1990 WWU graduate
and the host of a PM drive time show heard in
eight states across the Midwest and the South,
was the featured speaker March 11, 2013, at
Lincoln Day in Fulton, Mo.
Loudon is a regular commentator on Fox
News and Fox Business shows and she is
credited as one of the 100 Founding
Members of the Tea Party movement.
A national speaker and analyst, Loudon
is also a writer on topics ranging from
adoption to immigration. Her book, “Ladies
and Gentlemen: Why the Survival of our
Republic Depends on the Revival of Honor,”
was published in 2012. It examines
policology, the nexus of politics
and psychology.
While at William Woods, Loudon, an
Alpha Chi Omega, majored in psychology
and minored in design/education. She then
went on to earn two master’s degrees and
a Ph.D. in psychology-related fields.
The wife of former State Senator John
Loudon, she also home schools her
five children.
Dr. Gina Loudon
Photo by Mary Ann Beahon