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CSI: WilliamWoods Style
Photos by Mary Ann Beahon
Top: Caroline Boulanger (top) and Shannon Garcia check
the deceased judge, played by William Wallace.
Bottom: Shannon Garcia searches the crime scene
investigation kit for what she needs to document
the evidence.
By Leigh Rice ’14
details that must be addressed,” Boulanger
said. “There is a significant amount of
procedure that goes into crime scene
investigation. Having to recall all the little
details of how to properly collect different
types of evidence, along with how to
properly document the scene, creates for
a strenuous task.”
Students used real crime scene
investigation kits, which were funded through
a Creative Development Grant applied for
Peggy Nickerson
assistant professor of
paralegal studies. The grants are made
available from a special fund, provided by
university, to cover creative projects that
directly impact student learning in
the classroom.
We’re planning to utilize these kits as
much as possible to prepare our students for
the American Criminal Justice Association
conference in Valley Forge, Pa. They actually
have a crime scene investigation setup at
the conference in which students compete,”
Ahsens said.
Most of our students who take this class
are criminal justice and pre-law students. The
interest in criminal law has started growing;
therefore, I believe it is vital that we continue
to offer our students real-life scenarios so that
they have the necessary skills when they leave
the classroom and venture out into
their careers.”
Spring semester, Ahsens taught a
criminal investigations course that
concentrated on several skills, including
interrogation methods, surveillance, report
writing and testifying in court.