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“At WWU, we view education as a journey of
discovery,” Tamerius said. “Woods Around the
World is a unique approach to education that takes
the student beyond the classroom and the textbook
and into the real world of another culture.”
In preparation for their tour, the students met
weekly to discuss different aspects of France and
its history, including the French Revolution, the
art collection in the Louvre, the architecture of the
great cathedrals, and the invasion of Normandy on
D-Day, June 6, 1944.
The trip itself included stops in several of
France’s big cities and quaint villages, including
Paris, Versailles, Chartres, Saint Malo, Rouen, and
Auvers-Sur-Oise, and the region of Normandy.
For Delaney, visiting France was the first time
traveling abroad.
“The trip was a great way for me to experience
a different culture and learn so much about a
different country all in one week with some
amazing people!”
Much of the trip was spent taking in beautiful
art in various places, including the Louvre and
Vincent Van Gogh’s resting place. Experiencing
French cuisine was another big experience for all
of the travelers.
No matter where they traveled, they
experienced new and exciting things. Walking
the streets of Paris or looking at the countryside
from a bus window, the historical aspect of the trip
was never far from their minds.
“Our tour bus was a time machine,” said Mudd.
“And I must say, I was humbled at every turn.”
The benefits of travel are far and wide, and the
students and faculty who experienced France
this year would agree without reservations.
“Whether you are traveling across the globe
or across the street, traveling is important for
so many reasons,” said Tamerius. “Traveling is
wonderful for feeding curiosity, broadening the
mind, developing confidence, and cultivating
empathy for others. It helps us to become
interested in a story other than our own.”
Mimicking a statue in Saint Malo of Robert Surcouf, a famous pirate of the town, left
to right: Katherine Wortmann, Olivia Koselansky, Liza Payne, Beth Oseroff, Alicia
Delaney, and Sydnee Kuster.
At Notre Dame in Paris, left to right: Beth Oseroff, Liza Payne, Olivia Koselansky,
Katherine Wortmann, Sydnee Kuster, Alicia Delaney, Jane Mudd, and Tom Mudd.
At the Louvre in Paris, left to right: Jane Mudd, Sydnee Kuster, Katherine Wortmann,
Liza Payne, Olivia Koselansky, Beth Oseroff, Alicia Delaney, and Tom Mudd.