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black bear, waterfowl, various kinds of fish, leopards,
and buffalo.
Hunting buffalo was “by far the most intense hunt,” he said.
He had to get within 30-40 yards of the mammoth-sized animals
because the weapon was a bow. Shooting with a bow requires a
closer range for more precision, which in turn puts those hunting
the animal in a precarious position.
One of Boulware’s favorite locations to hunt is Alaska, where
he has filmed hunts for moose and brown bear. “It’s the most
peaceful and beautiful place on Earth,” he said.
In Arizona, New Mexico, and Oregon, he enjoyed filming hunts
for elk. Hunting elk is “a blast,” and elk are one of his favorite to
hunt because, “they have antlers like a deer, but you call them in
like a turkey.”
Boulware has also been to Mexico about 15 times, as well as
Washington and Montana. In the Midwest, he has hunted “a lot of
white-tailed deer and turkey.” Of all of the animals he has hunted,
he says his favorites are “elk, deer, moose … I like antlers.”
One of his recent trips included a 16-day trip to Hawaii and
then Guam. Not bad for a kid from Hatton, Mo.
Stephen Boulware with his video equipment.
Hunters on an Alaskan moose trip.
Craig Morgan (left) and Stephen Boulware on the Kansas deer hunt that won the GMA award.