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180 degrees behind his sitting position in his
tree stand. Three different cameras were used
for the hunt.
The eight-point deer that Morgan killed
was 160 inches gross on the Boone and
Crockett scale, “which is pretty big,”
said Boulware.
The turkey hunt was filmed in Oklahoma
and had four different live camera angles. The
final footage looked “pretty cool when it was
all put together,” Boulware said. “Craig gets
really excited, which makes for great TV.”
He added, “My favorite shot from the
particular hunt was from a camera I had set
up anticipating where the gobbler would
come from. When he did, I was able to hold
Craig off until the turkey had literally strutted
to within three feet of the camera for the close
up ‘kill shot.’”
Boulware became involved with
videoing big game hunts when he was still a
communications student at William Woods.
The summer before his senior year, he
completed an internship with Heartland
Productions in Illinois. At the end of the
internship, Heartland Productions offered
him a job.
During his senior year, Boulware missed
eight weeks of class to continue working
with Heartland Productions. He explained
to his professors that “it is a small company
and a small industry.” If he did not take the
opportunity presented to him to work for the
company, someone else could have gotten
the job.
“Other students were envious. I’d leave,
then come back and catch up on my work,”
says Boulware with amusement.
Graduating May 4, 2002, he started
working full time for Heartland Productions
the next day.
He opened his own business in 2006. A
native of Hatton, Mo., he recently relocated
his business from the St. Louis area to
Callaway County and renamed it
Hatton Productions.
He has recently created a new show, “The
Chase with Leigh and Travis Creekbaum” of
Birmingham, Ala. The show was scheduled
to begin its second season in April on the
Sportsman Channel, an HD network on
Dish and Direct TV.
Boulware has had the opportunity to travel
all around the United States and to other
countries, including South Africa, Tanzania,
Namibia, Canada, and Mexico. He has shot
video of white-tail deer, turkey, elk, moose,
| A
Singer/songwriter Craig Morgan (left)
and Boulware show off the deer they
captured in Louisiana last December.