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2010 9
Tamerius believes the course and the trip encourage students to think about the
legacy of violence and how thinking can be changed to foster better relations.
The course aims to challenge students to break cycles of violence by
promoting pathways to peace and reconciliation.
Wortmann took the message to heart: “While I learned many practical things
about traveling, I also learned about what it means to be tolerant. We had to
learn to be respectful of how they do things and to understand that just because
someone does something different than us doesn’t mean it is wrong. Visiting
the major sites of the Holocaust reinforced this lesson even more.”
Woods Around the World is a program that takes students beyond the
classroom and allows them to experience another culture. By studying the
culture frst-hand, they strengthen their understanding of globalization while
broadening their education in preparation for their future careers.
“I think Woods Around the World is incredibly unique,” Edens said.
“I could study abroad anywhere, but this trip was truly an experience
that I could only get here at William Woods.”
Top, left to right:
Krakow, Poland, is one of the cities William Woods University students and faculty
visited during their tour of Holocaust sites.
Students and faculty from William Woods University pose before a fountain in
Prague, Czech Republic.
William Woods University students and faculty visit St. Vitus Cathedral in
Prague, Czech Republic.
WWU students and faculty stand in front of the Palace of Culture and Science
in Warsaw, Poland.