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2010 33
Rich Starr
Malver, Pa., and
his wife, Allison,
welcomed a
son, Richard
III, Oct. 7,
2009. Rich is
senior manager,
marketplaces, for GSI Commerce, a provider of
e-commerce and interactive
marketing services.
MBA, Fulton, Mo.,
and wife, Tasha,
welcomed their new
baby boy, Griffn
Isaac, Dec. 28, 2009.
Griffn joins sister,
Allie, 5.
Jodi (Fennewald)
, Clark, Mo.,
and husband,
Gabe, welcomed a
daughter, Darian
Kaile, July 2, 2009.
Nicole (Devenport)
husband, Nathan,
WC ’05, had a son,
Hampton Oliver,
Jan. 11, 2010.
coordinator of the housing development program
Kaalan Sue Klemme
, M.Ed., Columbia, Mo.,
married Lance Riley Bolinger Nov. 21, 2009.
Kaalan is employed by VA Mortgage Center,
and Lance works for the City of Columbia.
Michelle Rager
, M.Ed., Chillicothe, Mo., is
in her fourth year of teaching math at
Meadville schools.
Megan Watts
, M.Ed., Armstrong, Mo., has
joined the staff of the Glasgow Missourian.
Brandi (Wilder) Pennock
’97, Pittsfeld, Ill.,
and husband, Jamie, had a baby girl, Josie
Elizabeth, April 13, 2009. They also have a son,
who is 4. Brandi teaches ffth grade in Pittsfeld
and is working towards her master’s degree in
Dana (Pfaff) Womack
’98, Fulton, Mo.;
husband, Ryan, and daughter, Haley, welcomed
twins, Cameron William and Connor Wesley,
into the world March 30, 2010.
Gina (Reigelsberger) Reid
'03, Carrollton, Mo.,
and husband, Dr. Tim Reid, welcomed their frst
child, Gwen Loraine, Sept. 7, 2009.
Elizabeth (Schnieders) Willard
’09, Jefferson
City, Mo., and husband,
Mathew T. Willard
had a daughter, Isobel Rose, Dec. 3, 2009. The
paternal grandparents are
Diana L. Willard
’99 and
David Michael Willard
’06. Mathew’s
brother is
Joseph Willard
Mabel Corinne (Booth) Bergesen
Gardnerville, Nev., died April 1, 2010 at the
age of 101. She received her B.A. from
Drake University and was a teacher.
Elizabeth M. (Clucas) Kahn
’30, St. Louis, Mo.,
died Jan. 3, 2010.
E. Vivian (Andrews) Schnebly
’32, Longmont,
Colo., died Feb. 25, 2010. She volunteered at
the Metropolitan Washington Ear, reading
newspapers for the blind on the radio for 25
years. She was preceded in death by a sister,
Helen Andrews McClean
Eleanor (Cockrell) Wessley
’32, Lees Summit,
Mo., died Dec. 9, 2009. For 12 years she was
the choir director and soloist at the Methodist
Church in Lexington. She taught middle school
for 30 years and also directed band, orchestra
and chorus. After her retirement of only one
year, Eleanor taught an additional nine years
for Kinder Care.
Evelyn (Allard) Ellis
’37, Evansville, Ind., died
Jan. 7, 2010. She taught secondary education
and was a member of Gamma Phi Beta sorority
and Trinity United Methodist Church. She
supported WWU through participation in the
Ivy Legacy Society.
Lois M. (Brinkmeyer) Evans
’37, Longmont,
Colo., died July 11, 2009. A member of several
symphony orchestras, she enjoyed playing her
violin, listening to music, cooking for family, and
reading and sharing the word of the Bible.
Dorothy Lea (Denton) Prewett Wagner
Corpus Christi, Texas, died March 22, 2009. She
worked as a legal secretary and court reporter.
She was a member of the First Christian Church
where she served as a Sunday school teacher,
piano player and greeter. She was preceded in
death by a sister,
Juddie Clyde (Denton) Root
’37 and cousin,
Elwyn Espy
Lucille Welden
’37, Blue Springs, Mo., died
Dec. 30, 2009. She taught for many years,
including 18 years at Hickman Mills School
District, and after retirement, worked for the
Rainbow Center for Communicative Disorders
for another 18 years.
Virginia (McIntire) Smyth
’38, Atlanta, Ga., died
Oct. 10, 2009. Virginia worked for the Georgia
Department of Public Health, 1960-81. She was
involved in Georgia’s frst interdepartmental
committee on aging and worked in planning the
frst White House Conference on Aging. Virginia
co-founded the Downtown Atlanta Senior
Services. The Virginia McIntire Smyth Endowed
Scholarship Fund was established at WWU with
a gift from her estate.
Muriel (Wilson) Rogers
’39, Naples, Fla., died
April 14, 2007. Her roommate at William Woods
Dorothy Smith Sperber
Mary Margaret Kimsey
’41, Shreveport, La.,
died Dec. 25, 2009. As an Air Force wife, she
enjoyed travel and living in four countries. She
also had a deep interest in theater.
Laura Bert (Fisher) Clark
’42, Salt Lake City,
Utah, died June 2, 2009. She had a long career
as an educator, teaching French and opening an
elementary French program.
Bette Lou (Schroder) Jacobson
’44, Fullerton,
Calif., died Jan. 1, 2010. She dedicated her life
to being an exemplary wife and mother of three
children. She was a member of Hacienda Golf
and Country Club.
Wonnadean (Burks) Kritz
’45, Mandeville, La.,
died Nov. 29, 2009. She was a church elder,
Bible Study Fellowship discussion leader,
Michelle (Franke)
, Footville, Wis.,
and husband, Charles,
welcomed their son,
Maxwell Lee on
Nov. 21, 2009.