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2010 3
Our number one campaign priority is the
Sorority Circle and Amphitheatre, which
will help all students by addressing
urgent housing needs, while also
providing a new outdoor campus
amenity where all students and the
community can participate in plays,
musical events and much more. The
complex will strengthen the Greek
community, which provides an
experience well-suited to many
of our undergraduates.
The university also values global
diversity and ethics, two components
of the common studies program. The
programs of the Center for Ethics and
Global Studies (CEGS) will reinforce the
educational experience of our students
and allow them to apply their academic
knowledge in a global context.
The William Woods community is made
up of many individuals. Our alumni are
our largest constituent group. As our
alumni bring their children and
grandchildren to campus to consider
The Woods as a place to pursue higher
education, we must ensure that we are
providing the best welcome we can
offer. To make that happen, we are
planning an Alumni and Visitors Center
to welcome visitors “The Woods Way.”
Jahnae H. Barnett, Ph.D.
Twenty years ago, in April 1990, I
had just assumed the presidency of
William Woods College. The 120-year-
old institution was facing some
distinct challenges and opportunities,
so I took the occasion to imagine what
The Woods
I had the good fortune to build upon an
auspicious history comprising the joint
efforts of so many who have given so
much to WWU. My colleagues and I
have endeavored to build on this fne
While 20 years is a signifcant milestone,
it is just that—a milestone—a marker
placed along a path to note progress.
It is not the end. We have many more
opportunities in front of us. I invite all
of our alumni and friends to join us
on the journey as we embark on a
major fundraising campaign
Imagine Campaign.
As we imagine the future of William
Woods, we must each also imagine
how we will leave our mark on this
great institution for the beneft of its
students—after all, they are the reason
we do what we do. We must imagine
this 140-year old university as it will
be 20 years from now.
At the public launch of the Imagine
Campaign, I am elated to inform you
that we have already made signifcant
progress toward our goal. Within the last
18 months, we received the largest gift
from a foundation in the history of The
Woods. The Brockman Lambert
Foundation’s gift of $2.5 million is
also the largest gift in that
foundation’s history.
We received another historical gift
very recently. An anonymous donor
has made a gift of $2 million toward
the Imagine Campaign. This represents
the largest gift from an individual in
the university’s history. To these very
signifcant gifts, we can add a number
of important leadership gifts that have
allowed us to “imagine” the launch
of the campaign.
I invite you to join these generous
supporters by making a
transformational gift to William
Woods. I invite you to imagine…
How will you leave your mark?