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Scott T. Gallagher, University Vice President
If you were with us for Alumni Weekend in April, you had the
opportunity to visit with your fellow alumni, hear Dr. Barnett’s
update, meet our trustees, celebrate the 45th anniversary
of the establishment of sororities on our campus and tour the
current facilities. And if you attended the alumni awards
ceremony Saturday morning, you know we have now entered
the public phase of the Imagine Campaign.
The Imagine Campaign is historic in nature. It is the largest
campaign the university has ever undertaken. During the
leadership gift phase, we secured two of the largest gifts in the
140-year history of this institution: the largest gift from a
foundation, and the largest gift from a single individual.
These gifts, along with others of signifcant size, have set the
stage for a successful campaign that will transform William
Woods. These gifts have allowed us to “imagine the future.”
The Imagine Campaign consists of three components:
Sorority Circle and Amphitheatre
$8.2 million residential
complex for all four sororities, and an amphitheatre for
campus-wide events.
Center for Ethics and Global Studies
$3 million
endowment fund that will build on academic and
co-curricular programming related to ethics and global
diversity and provide ongoing funding for its future growth.
Alumni and Visitors’ Center
$500,000 renovation of
existing president’s residence to serve as a welcome center
for alumni and visitors to the campus—a continuation of the
improvements made to the northwest portion of campus with
the establishment of the “Woods Way” main entrance and
restoration of Junior Lake.
As we begin the public phase of the campaign, we will continue
toward our goal of raising a total of $11.7 million, which will
directly beneft our students and the campus community.
Your support for the Imagine Campaign will be essential
to our success.
In the coming months, we will be inviting you to participate in
our success—to leave your mark on The Woods. And as always,
I thank you for your past gifts in support of the mission of this
great university.
For more complete campaign information, I invite you to visit
our campaign website at or call
or e-mail
request campaign information.