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New Name, New Deans
for Graduate and
Professional Studies
By Mary Ann Beahon
A new name—Graduate and Professional
Studies—has been adopted, and new
deans have been appointed for what
was formerly known as Graduate &
Adult Studies.
“The name ‘Graduate and Professional
Studies’ emphasizes two key mission
aspects for the university—professional
studies focus for both undergraduate and
graduate programs and development of
a doctoral program- Ed.D.,”
Dr. Michael
, vice president and dean of
Graduate and Professional Studies, said.
“In addition, the name allows for
marketing opportunities to capitalize
on the acronym GPS.”
Brian Crouse
, a former research associ-
ate in the academic affairs offce of the
Missouri Department of Higher Education,
is the new dean of admissions, and
Dr. JheriKeith Alkire
, an assistant profes-
sor and coordinator for 10 years at Ottawa
University, Ottawa, Kan., is the new dean
of business.
Dr. Doug Ebersold
WWU as the dean of education two
years ago.
Crouse was with the Missouri Department
of Higher Education for two years, and his
primary duties were policy development,
strategic planning, oversight of statewide
organizations and initiatives and data
coordination and analysis. Before that, he
was at Westminster College for six years,
frst as an enrollment representative and
then as regional director of enrollment
services for fve years.
A graduate of Lincoln University, with
a bachelor of arts in history, Crouse is
pursuing a master of public policy from
the University of Missouri. He also served
in the U.S. Army Reserves as a squad
leader for six years.
“Dean Crouse will bring more focus to the
recruiting side of our efforts, allowing us to
better market our programs, and meet the
changing needs of adult learners,”
Jahnae H. Barnett
said. “His
leadership will allow both the academic
and recruiting sides of our program to
work stronger and smarter.”
Alkire graduated with a B.A. degree
in business administration at Ottawa
University. She went on to earn a master
of science degree in administration from
Central Michigan University, as well as
master of business administration and
master of arts in human resources
degrees from Ottawa University. She
earned her Ph.D. from Walden University.
Alkire also holds adult advanced
education certifcation for Missouri.
“Dean Alkire has the experience, drive
and administrative acumen to lead WWU's
Graduate and Professional Studies’ busi-
ness programs,” Westerfeld said. “I am
confdent that she will succeed in this role,
working with faculty, staff and students
to meet the university’s strategic goals
concerning innovative academic program
delivery and a high-quality student
WWU Establishes
Site in Branson
By Mary Ann Beahon
William Woods University, which has been
offering degree programs for working
adults in the Branson area since 2002,
recently set up shop in the entertainment
capital of Missouri.
On March 29, the university opened
a site in the Grand Vista Center, 3027
W. 76 Country Blvd. The suite contains
classrooms, conference areas and of-
fces. Degree programs offered include
the bachelor of science in management
(BSM), master of business administration
(MBA), master of education (M.Ed.) and
educational specialist (Ed.S.).
“William Woods University is pleased to
open a site at Branson,”
Dr. Michael W.
, vice president and dean of
Graduate and Professional Studies at
WWU, said.
“I personally view this as a signifcant
event in our continued efforts to provide
quality, programs throughout the state