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Summer 2009
Class of 1999
Class of 1994
Class of 1989
Class of 2004
Class of 1984
Lexie Swanson Pappas, Susy Annunzio
Alter, Janet Smith, Alicia Hickman Kaufmann and Laura
Bloom Shatto
Back row:
Christyne Nichols Knisely,
Samantha Bennett Polen, Elizabeth Eversman Cholerton,
Tammye Arnold Kelly, Dawn Duca, Leigh Smock
Herzberger, Trudy Kemper, Anne Sallee Mason,
Kathy Glahe Beeler, Carrie Murray Curry and
Kathleen Schmidt Matthews
Left to right:
Stacey Batterton, Sharon Leslie-
Lefarth, Mona Rawlings Spoon and Lisa Hearley Rikand
Left to right:
Kelley Scheidegger Barbee,
Alicia Carpenter Albus, Kim Scheidegger York,
Elizabeth Tsahiridis Farris, and Michelle Sitton
Left to right:
Becky Vinyard Palisch, Michelle
Stephens Kemp and Alana Flint Pierson
Lynne Riedemann Weeks