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Summer 2009
Michelle Linn Slizewski Hodge
'96 and
Christi Slizewski Tennyson
enjoy the dinner.
Pi Kappa Alpha (Pike) gather for a barbeque
during alumni weekend.
Current and past Alumni Board members and
Venita Mitchell
(far right), dean of student
life at WWU, following installation.
Friday’s dinner and auction “under the
big top.”
Alpha Chi Omega alums gather at Atkinson
Hall to catch up.
Alumni Board member,
Gwen Erickson
'72, and husband, David, talk
golf shots.
Alpha Phis compete in the Fiji Islander
boat race.
Laura Holder Ward
'82 and
Cynthia Simpson
’79 visit following the
equestrian series.
Alpha Phi alumni and students visit at
Brockman Hall.
WWU Owl baseball player takes the feld
during alumni weekend.
Dr. Barnett
enjoys the alumni awards