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The Woods
and skills that we instill in our children are essential to a
productive society and economy.”
Penny said he believes “the secret to any successful
organization is its ability to build long-lasting, powerful
relationships with people,” and he offered this advice:
Don't make promises you know you cannot keep,
Be as authentic and sincere as you possibly can,
Know your strengths and weaknesses, and
Be honest.
A total of 545 students received diplomas May 9 and 10,
bringing the combined number of WWU graduates in the
past year to 1,106. WWU awarded 17 master of business
administration, 291 master of education and 68 specialist
of education in school administration degrees. William
Woods also granted three associate of arts, 21 bachelor
of arts, 139 bachelor of science and six bachelor of
social work degrees.
(Pictures left to right, across top of page)
Kouassi Kouakou and Dr. Jahnae H. Barnett
Mark Penny
Diane Huff, who earned an Ed.S.
Undergraduate students make their way through
the ivy chain ceremony
Friends congratulate Caleb Chaney
Wesley Christiansen, 13, and sister, Kelli Johnson,
who earned an M.Ed.
Brett Danuser, who earned a B.S., and Sarah Popelka,
who earned a B.A.
Ayden Ambrosan, 2, with mom, Andrea, who
earned an Ed.S.