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The Woods
Kansas City, Mo.
Kansas City alums meet for Saturday lunch at Brios on The Country Club Plaza.
St. Charles, Mo.
St. Charles, Mo., alumni meet for lunch. Left to right: (back) Becky Stinson (Alumni
Director), baby Cassie Tennyson, Christi Slizewski Tennyson ’97, Kim Scheidegger
York ’94 and Kelley Scheidegger Barbee ’94. Front: Marsha Wardlaw Clevenger
’79, Barb Danuser (UA) and Tom Bander (UA).
Minneapolis, Minn.
Minneapolis alumni gather for a luncheon at Kozy’s. Left to right: Matt Nylund,
Brandy Nylund ’02, Barb Danuser (UA), Laurie Lisignoli ’85 and Sharon Gail ’61.
St. Louis, Mo.
Terry and Sally Wharton Frank ’74 host
the annual St. Louis holiday party, for
the 3rd year coinciding with a St. Louis
ice storm.
Callaway County (Fulton, Mo.)
Callaway alumni pose following the Fulton Holiday Brunch. Left to right:
Gail Emmons Kurtz ’66, Pat Murphy O’Rourke ’52, Brenda Sullivan Foster ’75,
Marianne Murphy Stone ’50, Barb Danuser (UA), Willie Murrow Jones ’50,
Arlene Jackson ’70 & MED ’96, Karen Digh ’80, Oni Lanier Gohring ’60, Nancy
Howell West ’60, Debbie Graham Sherer ’60, Piggie Wallace Herndon ’47,
Shaun Speers ’07, Becky Stinson (alumni director) and Laura Hill Archuleta ’85.
Kansas City, Mo.
1980s and 1990s Kansas City alumni gather after hours in November. Left to right:
Carli Howard Good ’99, Julie Lubker Strickland ’80, Becky Stinson (alumni
director), Barb Loring Helder ’80, Reida Morrison York ’80, Kim Ballard
Mawhiney ’82, Beth Peterson Sykora ’85 and Mike Sykora.
Minneapolis, Minn.
Minneapolis alumni gather at the Redstone Grill for after hours in Eden Prairie.
Left to right: Ann Varner ’72, Barb Danuser (UA), Maren Thielen ’04, Chris
Gilbert ’02 and Laura Gilbert.
Taipei, Taiwan
First WWU international alumni gathering in May.