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28 Summer 2008
Class of 2003
Front row: Becky Quintero Pierce, Emily Hall and Ashleigh Hawkins;
Back row: Justin McBride, Felicia Lobb and Julie Broder
Class of 1983
Front row: UteWirth and Gracemarie Cretella; Back row: Sudee Miller Floyd,
Diane Hunt Bordeaux and Lisa Watt Kolb
Class of 1988
Front row: Jean Blimling Donley, Carole Sullivan Schmitt and
Sara Zink Freer; Back row: Cheryl Iwasczuk Richterkessing,
Elizabeth Ebbinghaus Harrington and Martha Burton
Class of 1998
Left to right: Dawn Duenke Miller, Sara Mayer, Donna Lynch Braund
and Vicki Duenke
Save the Date!
Alumni Weekend 2009
April 24-26, 2009