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“This award, while it has enormous potential to open many doors
for me and my career, is also for my children. Their needs and my
quest to provide them with a solid role model as a single mother
fuels my drive for continued success,” Moppin said.
Her ambition and passion for knowledge extends beyond her
role as a teacher. She enrolled in William Woods Graduate &
Adult Studies program, which offers classes close to home with
convenient class times. She recently completed her master of
education degree in curriculum and instruction.
A successful high-achiever, she is excited about her next goal:
“I look forward to beginning the [education]specialist program
through William Woods in the near future.”
Moppin is currently involved with curriculum education in MAEA.
She presents workshops titled “The ABCs of Curriculum Maps” and
“Using a Curriculum Map to Advocate.” She also assists teachers
throughout the state in need of curricular advice and is a leader in
the curriculum selection for the English department at her school.
Moppin teaches art and assists with curriculum at Pleasant Hope R-VI
school district in Pleasant Hope, Mo. She enjoys working with the
children and is passionate about giving every one of them a chance
to create and appreciate art.
She is energized by seeing them learn, saying, “To see the
imaginary light bulbs go off in their heads when they grasp
a concept, that’s neat. Every day a new priceless masterpiece
is created, and it happens in MY room!"
WWU Graduate Named Outstanding Rural
Administrator of the Year
By Stephanie Doorack ’10
Two-time William Woods graduate,
Melinda Wilbeck, middle school
principal of Brookfeld R-3 School
District, was named the 2008 Missouri
Outstanding Rural Administrator of
the Year.
The Missouri Association of Rural
Education (MARE) recently presented
the award at its annual conference in
Lake Ozark, Mo. MARE serves more
than 400 rural educators and school
districts in both K-8 and K-12.
Woods Graduate Named K-12 Art Educator
of the Year
By Stephanie Doorack ’10
“My children,
are our future, and they need to
experience the creativity and
expressiveness that art allows,”
says Rebecca Moppin of Bolivar,
Mo., about her inspiration to
teach art.
“If I can allow just one student the
opportunity to express themselves,
to appreciate the arts, to be
creative, then I've done my
job,” she says.
A former Kingdom City, Mo. resident and two-time Woods
graduate, Moppin has been selected as the K-12 Art Educator of
the Year by the Missouri Art Education Association (MAEA).
The award is designed to recognize one outstanding MAEA
member for exemplary service and achievement. The award
acknowledges Moppin’s commitment to the development of
art and art education, her active participation in MAEA and
her outstanding teaching abilities.
The MAEA is founded on the belief that all people have the ability
to create and understand art and support creative teaching. The
organization also promotes the professional development of
teachers in the feld.
“She [Moppin] has been invaluable to the organization for
her hard work and dedication,” said Susan Elson, MAEA
“The support and encouragement of others seem to fuel Rebecca.
She has single-handedly changed the face of MAEA. We are
fortunate to have her as the MAEA K-12 Teacher of the Year.”
Moppin is the daughter of Donald and Linda Vandeloecht, who own
and operate Modern Farm Equipment Company and Modern Farm
Lawn and Garden Center in Fulton, Mo. She graduated from North
Callaway High School in 1994, and then earned her BFA in graphic
design fromWWU in 1998. Moppin is quick to credit her mentors at
WWU, George Tutt, Bob Elliott, Terry Martin and Paul Clervi.
The mother of three children (Jeffree, 13, Pake, 6, and Emily, 8
months), Moppin says, “My inspiration is simple. My children.”
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