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Senior Advice
Use what time you have now to have fun, be
with friends, and make memories. You always
think you have more time to be with everyone
while you’re still in college, but it goes by too
quickly! Make sure you have something great to
look back on from these four years of your life.
Lucy Fuelle
Take time to breathe. Everyone for
the rest of your life is going to ask you
to meet strict deadlines, perfect your
work, and generally run at 110%.
College is the time to enjoy yourself
while still doing your best. When you
are at the end of your rope, it’s ok to
take a “me” day: sleep in, curl up with
a good book, lay out on the dock, or
escape to Columbia for a day. We all
need those every once in a while. The
tests, papers, organizations, sororities,
fraternities, professors, and friends
will all be there once you return from
your oasis, and it will be a lot easier
to continue to do your best if you take
care of yourself.
Ericka Schaefer
Get out there and get involved. Don’t just
sit in your room and keep to yourselves. Not
only are the friends you make in college the
friends you will have for the rest of your life,
but you’ll gain a lot more from your academic
education by adding a social education to it.
Harrison Jones
Top Ten Things A Freshman At William
Woods Should Know:
10. Get involved, you will hear this from
everyone but listen to them.
9. Respect everyone, maintenance
and professors. Most of them are
very interesting.
8. Respect Security, as they say, “We are
just trying to make our 50 cents.”
7. Booze responsibly; even professors
know when you went out the night before.
6. Stay on your professor’s good side;
it makes life a lot easier when you
need something.
5. Take spring break trips, makes the year
go by faster and there is nothing better
then a cold beer and a nice beach.
4. Check your mailbox, email, and Today’s
Rumors. There is usually something
interesting in one of the three.
3. Go through rush week. Might meet new
people or learn something new. I know
I did.
2. If the school does something you don’t
agree with, fight it all the way to the top.
Somebody will care what you’re saying.
1. Have a hell of a time.
Mike Towle
Each year I have been in school has
gone by faster than the one before
it. It may seem to drag on and on but
now I am graduating and I feel like
I was a freshman yesterday. Cherish
each day, every memory, the people
you meet (good and bad, nobody
ever likes their boss or coworkers)
and always look forward to the
amazing things coming to you. Take
advantage of every opportunity to
experience or learn something new.
Once you graduate, that’s it. There’s
no going back. You’re on your own.
This is your chance to prepare for
and create your own future.
Elizabeth Casey
The Talon 16
Monday, April 25, 2011